life drawing in perth

Model Info

If you are interested in being a life drawing model, then please email me (Christopher) at and provide the following info and I will get back to you as soon as I can:

Height and weight
Photo (doesn’t have to be nude, I find a bathing suit or light clothing to be best as a nude photo in the email can sometimes come at inopportune times, such as at work)
Extent of experience (how long have you been modelling for, or if you haven’t modelled before, do you have a background that would benefit you such as an active lifestyle, dancer, athlete, artist, etc)
Reason for wanting to model
Mode of transport
Mobile number

5 thoughts on “Model Info

  1. Hi Chris,
    Would really like to come back to modelling.
    Any chance of this happening around the 16/17 of September?
    Please let me know.



  2. Hi, I am an artist looking to get into life drawing again after a break. I see all your models are female; I am looking to draw mainly from male models. Please advise if you have them regularly. Thank you.

    • Hi June, terribly sorry about the late response, and the fact that that means you just missed a session of ours with a male model!
      The sad fact is that not many groups have males in as frequently as females. This is simply down to the fact that more people prefer to draw females. As such, sessions with male models tend to have smaller turnouts than usual.
      That being said, I do try to have a male model in on a regular basis (usually as a double session with a female model). Other groups that tend to do so as well are the Monday morning sessions at Bassendean, Kidogo, the Freo Art Centre and… actually, that may be it I’m afraid. :/

  3. Is this website currently active, the comments below are from 2 years ago and nothing recent.


    • Hi Taz, it is still active and I try to reply to all the messages I get. That being said, in this particular page most of the comments are from people asking to be models, in which case I respond to them personally via email so that there personal information isn’t available to everyone.
      Likewise, with the other pages any comments that don’t actually need to be responded to publicly I’ll respond to privately.
      Hope that helps out!

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