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Another one bites the dust. :/

Hi all, unfortunately I have some more sad news that The Drawing School on alternating Sunday’s won’t be continuing either due to lack of sufficient numbers (they had a regular crowd, it just wasn’t big enough to keep it going).

Make sure you follow Tracy’s blog though as she has hinted at possible special sessions in the future!

Edit: whoops! Left off the web address! drawing

Also, thanks for giving it a go Tracy! Sorry it didn’t last. :/

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A model update, info on drawing sessions at The Art Space Collective and some pictures

Greetings all,

We had an incredibly great turnout this week with our new model Aya, so thank you for that everyone! Next week (the 11th) we’ll be having in Nicola.

The Art Space Collective at 80A Scarborough Beach Rd Has a heap of drawing classes on this month:

  • 14th May 10-12pm
  • 19th May 7-9pm
  • 21st May 10-12pm and 7-9pm (Drawing Theatre)
  • 28th May 10-12pm

They’ve also changed their session rates; $20 per session, but two people rocking up together pay $30 (so $15 each).

And pictures from the sessions when we had in Jane and Aya:

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Drawing classes in Subiaco

Greetings, I am often asked about instructed drawing sessions (that is, one with a teacher) happening in Perth. Well, I just learnt about a portraiture workshop today that starts next week (April 8th to be precise) and runs for a few weeks.
The instructor is Rachelle Dusting, a former classmate of mine, and has an Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours degree. Her area of focus is portraiture work, and she is a sessional Workshop Coordinator for UWAs drawing units. Both of these understandably make her great for teaching this workshop.
The flyer below has all the details as well as her contact details. Spaces are almost filled so if you want in better contact her sooner rather than later.


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A brief model update, reminder and a first in a long time… Pictures!

Greetings all,
Just an update that the session tonight will now be a double session with Ashlea from the Curtin Tuesday night sessions being added to the bill.
A reminder that there will be no session next Monday, April 6th, due to the holiday. When we come back on the 13th, we’ll be having new-for-us Molly in, along with a rare treat with Victoria coming in (as she is mostly off of the circuit nowadays).

And now for the first in a long time, pictures from last weeks session (I’m rusty at the picture inserting thing, I’ll remember how to insert them cleanly later this week. UPDATE: I figured it out!):

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A very late update, with a motorbike!

Good evening everyone, sorry about the late update. Tomorrow night we have a single model session with Tess. Who is bringing her motorbike in with her (after quite a few requests from some of the group members last week). So this will be an incredibly different session.
The following week we’ll be having in Kieran and Lindsay (who we have not had in in ages).

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No session tonight and a model update

Good afternoon everyone, it just occurred to me that I never posted a reminder that there is no session tonight due to the holiday.
Sorry about that.

We’ll be back next week (the 9th) with Joel and Milly. Originally it was meant to be Tess, but she was kind enough to swap places with Milly as this will be her (Milly’s) final time modelling for us before she heads back overseas. Tess will now be doing the double session with Amy on the 23rd.

Also, I originally had Victoria booked in for the clothed model session on the 16th but she is heading back home soon and will not be back for a couple of months. So I will be booking another model in the next could of days and will post an update when that is finalised.

– Christopher

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New sessions on Tuesday nights!

Greetings everyone! One of the regulars in our group, Mike, is starting his own sessions. They start up tomorrow night (Tuesday May 6) with Chloé, they then continue each Tuesday afterwards from (6:30-8:30).

They are being held at Curtin in the Architecture building (201). Room number is 102, but this needs to be confirmed. You can contact Mike on (change AT to ‘@’). Hope you all can make it out!

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A late model update

Good evening all, my apologies with how late this is (illness has delayed avert thing for me this week). The model for our session tomorrow night will be a new model for our group, Leah.
I’ll have another model update later this week along with a whole heap of info involving a slight format change for our Monday group with the introduction of clothed model sessions and double model sessions (as in two models posing at the same time).