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Workshop: Facial Approximation Daytime Labs Balcatta SHS May 18 & 21

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Sorry I haven’t done any updates on the blog of late but my internet is acting up something fierce and I am having extreme difficulty getting anything through (which also explains who terrible this post looks too).

Anyway, I just found out about a workshop that some of you may be interested being run by Susan Hayes, whom I actually started the life drawings sessions at UWA with over two years ago now. She’s doing two more facial reconstruction seminar and these will be her last in quite some time as she’s moved over East. One is a 3D workshop, which is actually done using clay over a replica skull, the second will be a 2D workshop. I did the 3D one a couple of years ago (and it’s what led Sue and I to start the life drawing sessions) and it was quite fascinating. The flyer with full details is below in a PDF format.

Anyone interested would be best off contacting Sue directly on her mobile at 0408 784 512 (though her email is an option and it is [change the ‘AT’ to a ‘@’]) Just note that as these are each one day sessions that they will be quite intensive, but I’m sure everyone here would have fun and go home happy.

Anybody wanting to know a bit more about what Sue does can check out an interview with her here (it’s some cool stuff):


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