life drawing in perth

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Some new info!

With an extra big thanks to Jules, I have updated the Wednesday morning info for the group formerly at Hacket Hall! Head on over to the page for the info. 

And I also have some info on a Thursday evening group at Little Creatures on Thursday nights. They run every other Thursday, with the next session on Aug 24th and he has the amazing (and one of my personal favourite models) Hayley in for the evening. Head on over for a drink and some drawing! Details, including Ben’s contact information, are on the Thursday page. (And my apologies to Ben for being so late in getting the word out about his sessions.)


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Master of Late!

Greetings all,

It has indeed been awhile since my last post (240 days apparently, at least that is what WordPress is telling me)! I blame the new baby for that. I think I can still get away with that for another few months yet. 

A couple of updates about some sessions. First up, the Curtin sessions have moved from Tuesday to Wednesday nights. All of the details are the same. This means that if you are looking to satisfy your drawing itch on Tuesday’s nights, I highly recommend hitting up Sebastian’s sessions. The details are on the Tuesday’s page. 

Secondly, the Wednesday morning sessions have moved from Hackett Hall. When I get the full details I’ll update it ASAP.

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Long time coming!

Greetings all,

Terribly sorry about my lack of updates over the last few months. Life has been crazy busy, and sadly life drawing has started to fall to the wayside for me. 

But now for an update!

The Sunday sessions at Atwell have had a bit of a quite period of late, but they are continuing their format of having two models. One for long loses, the other for shorter ones.

The Monday night sessions in Shenton Park are going strong. And Nic who runs it was just informed that the rent she is paying to the Victoria League this month is going towards aiding a homeless man aquire clothing and food. That is certainly one way to make you feel better about drawing! There is no session this coming Monday due to the public holiday, but their line up of models for October is – 

  • 3rd Alex
  • 10th Hayley
  • 17th Stacey
  • 24th Deb 
  • 31st Kieran

Alex, Stacey and Deb are all new names to me, but Kieran is a classic and always great fun to draw, and Hayley is one of my favourite models on the circuit due to the really great poses she uses, so this should be a great month to get out there and give drawing a go (I too will be endeavouring to due so as I miss it far too much).


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A non-life drawing eventĀ 

Greetings all,

I’ve posted about the 24 Hour Comics Day event on here before (it’s an annual event that happened around the world were competitors have to do a 24 page comic in 24 hours) as an event for people to explore their artistry outside of just the figure. On the 30th (this weekend), we’re doing our first ever 8 Hour Challenge. Same idea as the long 24 Hour one we do in October: create an eight page comic in 8 hours. 

Here are the details and sign up link if you think you may be interested:

One thing not mentioned on there is the theme. Every year we come up with a different theme for people to work from (stops people from cheating by pre-planning, and helps out newcomers with a bit of a springboard to work from).

The theme will be ‘three words, something shared’. That is, each challenger is given three words to incorporate into their story. Two will be unique to just them, but the last one everybody will have (when we did this theme three years ago the shared word was ‘balloon’, which can be interpreted in so many different ways due to it’s many meanings, this year’s word will do so too).

Also, after the event, for anyone interested, we’ll have a bit of a pizza party there and look at everyone’s work and just hang out (as eight hours doesn’t leave much time for trying to talk to people). It’ll just be a $5 donation towards the pizza if they’re interested in hanging around.

It’s always great to get new faces involved , so why not try something different,  this weekend?


Model info for some groups about town!

Greetings all,

I hope you folks haven’t been letting the weather keep you from heading out to do some drawing (sadly, I am using that excuse for myself).

Over the next few weeks, the Shenton Park Monday night group has a few models lined up:

  • April 18th is Amy
  • April 25th is Anzac Day so no life drawing that evening
  • 2nd May is Jane
  • 8th May is Joe, the first male so far with the group

And over at The Art Space Collective, their fortnightly Drawing Theatre sessions will continue on April 28th (7-9pm) with Jane. 

Happy doodles everyone!

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Life drawing at Shenton Park

Greetings all! Sorry about the lack of updates of late, but just to give you all an update that the model tomorrow night (the 4th) will be the wonderful Victoria!

Also, sounds like they’ll soon be having some wine too. I recommend contacting Nic on 0400 550 997 (either call or text) and give her your email address so that she can add you to her mailing list.