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Tuesdays are where it’s at!

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Drawing group info abounds!

The Bassendean morning group has changed their days from Wednesday morning to Tuesday mornings, which is fantastic as it no longer clashes with the Floreat group, and gives everyone another day in which to draw.
They return from their break on February 5th.

And I have some info about a group on Tuesday evenings in Kelmscot! They run every other Tuesday starting from January 15th (that’s tonight!). All the details can be found on the Tuesday page.

I have removed info from the Tuesday page for the Fringe Gallery sessions as, unfortunately, all indications are that it is no longer on. If I hear other wise I’ll let everyone know.

And as I’ve been asked a great deal, the UWA drawing sessions return on Monday, February 4th.


One thought on “Tuesdays are where it’s at!

  1. happy new year!

    for the update christopher!! how did the exhibit go?

    hope to see you soon, xiu lei

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