life drawing in perth

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As I’ve been quite busy the last couple of months, I’ve been quite negligent in keeping up with posting images from the sessions. As such, enjoy the collection of images from September through to last week.


2013_09-12_UWA_001 2013_09-12_UWA_047 2013_09-12_UWA_046 2013_09-12_UWA_045 2013_09-12_UWA_044 2013_09-12_UWA_043 2013_09-12_UWA_042 2013_09-12_UWA_041 2013_09-12_UWA_040 2013_09-12_UWA_039 2013_09-12_UWA_038 2013_09-12_UWA_037 2013_09-12_UWA_036 2013_09-12_UWA_035 2013_09-12_UWA_034 2013_09-12_UWA_033 2013_09-12_UWA_032 2013_09-12_UWA_031 2013_09-12_UWA_030 2013_09-12_UWA_029 2013_09-12_UWA_028 2013_09-12_UWA_027 2013_09-12_UWA_026 2013_09-12_UWA_025 2013_09-12_UWA_024 2013_09-12_UWA_023 2013_09-12_UWA_022 2013_09-12_UWA_021 2013_09-12_UWA_020 2013_09-12_UWA_019 2013_09-12_UWA_018 2013_09-12_UWA_017 2013_09-12_UWA_016 2013_09-12_UWA_015 2013_09-12_UWA_014 2013_09-12_UWA_013 2013_09-12_UWA_012 2013_09-12_UWA_011 2013_09-12_UWA_010 2013_09-12_UWA_009 2013_09-12_UWA_008 2013_09-12_UWA_007 2013_09-12_UWA_006 2013_09-12_UWA_005 2013_09-12_UWA_004 2013_09-12_UWA_003 2013_09-12_UWA_002

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