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A couple of model updates

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Greetings all,
My apologies for the delayed update, things went a bit topsy-turvey at the end of the week.

Tomorrow night (the 18th) we’ll be having a male/female model session with two new models, Jodie and Yves (well, for us, they have both modelled before, over in Melbourne and overseas). Sebastian will also be running the session for me as I’m afraid I cannot make it in.

The following week we’ll be having a double female session (models still to be confirmed, but it will most like be a new model with a returning one).

The week after that is June 1st, WA Day, and we’ll be having a session that night! Our first ever public holiday session. Jules will be running the session for me as I’ll be out of town, and the model for the night will be Ashlea.

I hope some of you took advantage of the stamp offer for Sebastian’s Tuesday night sessions, just remember that it will continue through till the end of June.

Happy drawing folks!
– Christopher

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