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A new model update

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Greetings all,
Terribly sorry about the delay in getting this through to you (the week was busier than I was expecting it to be).
For our session this coming Monday (the 13th), we’ll be having Ewen in for the first time. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a solo male model session and it’s long overdue.
The following week (the 20th), we’ll be having in Nathan and Sam, for a male/female session (again, I think it’s been awhile since we did one of those). As an added bonus, Nathan and Sam are a couple and are completely comfortable doing contact posing together, which is something that we haven’t had between the opposite sex since… since I think our first ever double session actually, with Kieran and Amy. Which was quite awhile ago. So that’ll be a treat.

Keep drawing till it hurts, people!
– Christopher

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