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A non-life drawing event 

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Greetings all,

I’ve posted about the 24 Hour Comics Day event on here before (it’s an annual event that happened around the world were competitors have to do a 24 page comic in 24 hours) as an event for people to explore their artistry outside of just the figure. On the 30th (this weekend), we’re doing our first ever 8 Hour Challenge. Same idea as the long 24 Hour one we do in October: create an eight page comic in 8 hours. 

Here are the details and sign up link if you think you may be interested:

One thing not mentioned on there is the theme. Every year we come up with a different theme for people to work from (stops people from cheating by pre-planning, and helps out newcomers with a bit of a springboard to work from).

The theme will be ‘three words, something shared’. That is, each challenger is given three words to incorporate into their story. Two will be unique to just them, but the last one everybody will have (when we did this theme three years ago the shared word was ‘balloon’, which can be interpreted in so many different ways due to it’s many meanings, this year’s word will do so too).

Also, after the event, for anyone interested, we’ll have a bit of a pizza party there and look at everyone’s work and just hang out (as eight hours doesn’t leave much time for trying to talk to people). It’ll just be a $5 donation towards the pizza if they’re interested in hanging around.

It’s always great to get new faces involved , so why not try something different,  this weekend?

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