life drawing in perth

Things are changing in the East


The regular Midland Junction Art Centre group have changed location! I’ll let Peter explain:

We are now to be found at St Marks Hall, Parker St Basendean 9.30 am on Wednesdays. It is a great venue with lots of parking and space in the hall. So we have decided to combine two sessions to run at the same time, one a portrait/nude 3 hour pose and the other a life drawing session with a variety of pose times. Participants can take their pick as to which part to attend, both in the same room!

Also on Wednesday nights the current MJAC session will now be in operation from 7pm at St Marks.

Portrait and Wednesday evening sessions start on the 29th and Life drawing starts March 14th.

We are hoping that this is a big step forward for life drawers in Perth as, if it works we will also fit in an afternoon session as well.

Thank you for your support .

Peter Efford

And that’s that. Portrait and drawing at the same time? That sounds quite nice.

2 thoughts on “Things are changing in the East

  1. Sounds like a great venue, should be good.

  2. Great!!!! I’ll be there every Wednesday evening. So glad its now nearer to the main city.

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