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Reminder: No session on the 5th or 19th


Good evening all, just a reminder that there is no session at UWA tomorrow night (March 5th), nor the 19th.

For those of you wanting to make up for missing out, how about heading over to the Tuesday night session at the King Street Art Centre? 1st floor, just to the left of the steps, from 7-9:30. It’s their first session for the year and they’re having Lindsay as their model (who we have had in numerous times and is a very good model).


2 thoughts on “Reminder: No session on the 5th or 19th

  1. Do you have contact details for whoever organises these sessions, or a way I can find out if sessions are on? I’m finding it hard to even find a contact for the King St Arts Centre…

    • Hi Simone,

      I’m actually in the process of contacting the various organizers and asking them if i can post their contact details as I don’t want to post their details without their permission.

      That being said, I have just received confirmation today that the Tuesday night sessions at King St have been discontinued effective immediately. Which is a real shame as Gary’s sessions were always fun and were the first ones I went to when I moved to Perth. He is trying to find a new venue and I will share it as soon as I find out more.

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