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Some unfortunate news


Greetings all, I just received confirmation today from Gary that the Tuesday night sessions at the King St Art Centre have been discontinued effective immediately due to a ridiculous decision on the part of the DCA to up the rent to over $100 an hour. And to not even give him any advance warning of that happening which is a real douche bag thing for a government department to do.
So Gary is now in the process of finding a new location and I will post the details as soon as they become available.

5 thoughts on “Some unfortunate news

  1. That’s really unfortunate! It’s such a nice venue. Does it have to be in Perth city? I did some search in Freo and I think we should be able to get something cheaper there. Please see this link:

    • Hi Jenny,
      There are already one or two sessions a week going on in Freo, plus I think Gary wants to try to keep it in the city. Which I think is great as there are none that I know about there except or Dr Sketchy’s which is a different market really.
      At the moment I do know that he is looking for a place in the city or the Northbridge area. I’m really hoping he can find one.

      • Hi Christ, I see what you mean. Sorry that i was not aware of other drawing sessions in Freo. Hope There will be something available in north bridge!

  2. Hi: have the Tuesday nights found another venue? I see there is a Monday evening at UWA. and a Wednesday in Bassendean, but I really loved the King street one. Any news?

    • Hi Claire,
      Unfortunately not. From my understanding Gary is now running other people’s sessions when they are not available. I know what you mean though, I loved the King St sessions and only started the UWA sessions to make up for the fact that they were only once a month.

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