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In light of the recent news about the Tuesdays sessions being discontinued I’ve been in contact with several of the people who run the other sessions around the city and they have been most helpful in giving me updates on all of the their sessions. I’ve updated the individual pages, but for a quick review:

Tuesday evenings: Discontinued

Wednesdays: the Bassendean session is $12. There is also a blog run by Jeff (0410 216 074) with images from the sessions which you can take a look at here.

Fridays: The sessions are run by Ken (0408 002 112) and are $20 for an extended 3hr pose.

Sundays: The sessions are run by Erwin are now from 10-1 (as opposed to 9-12). The sessions at the Atwell Gallery are actually on every Sunday of the month (I had originally listed them as the first two of the month) and are run by both Graham (0406 647 548) and Ken (0408 002 112).

Big thanks to Graham, Jess, Peter and Ken for getting back to me with the updated info!

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