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A new model and a skipped date

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We had another huge night this week, with the room just about at bursting point, but we still had some fun and it was great to have Richard in as it’s always fun to have a new model. And continuing with new models, next week (the 25th) we’ll be having another new model in by the name of Kerry.

There will be no session on March 4th due to it being a holiday.

Two other quick things:
1) If you’ve been in this year you may have heard me say that we are changing rooms from next, well not so! We’re keeping the same one for the year which is great.
2) If you have been in this year and gave me your email address for the mailing list but haven’t received an email from me, it’s because I am terrible at reading handwriting and have entered some of them incorrectly. Sorry about that!

Cheers everyone!

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