life drawing in perth

Both a model and info update


Greetings all,
Sorry about the late update!

This coming Monday (the 29th) we’ll be having in new-to-the-scene Claire.
The following Monday we’ll be having in one of our classics, Victoria!

For anyone interested, some of the info for different sessions has been updated:
– I’ve updated the info for the Tuesday night session at Atwell (that makes three groups running on a Tuesday night, crazy)
– Rai’s sessions on Thursdays, and
– Tracy’s drink & draw, Drawing School, sessions on Sundays.

Happy scribbling folks
– Christopher

2 thoughts on “Both a model and info update

  1. Hi Chris! I have checked Tuesdays sessions and there are only 2 posted there in kelmscott and curtin? is there any info on the at well session? thanks 🙂

    • Ack! You are correct Rasha! I must have deleted it when I updated the other venue. Which I have also just been informed is having to move it’s venue on very short notice to a location TBD. I’ll update the page right now.

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