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Just a reminder about the Shenton Park group starting up on Monday 14th

Hi everyone, this is just a reminder that the Monday night group in Shenton Park starts starts up this coming Monday (the 14th). The first week will have Martha as their model, the second is Leah, and the third week will have Victoria. When I hear who is coming up after that from Nic I’ll keep you all posted!

And just a quick reminder of the sessions details:

Venue: 271 Onslow Road, Shenton Park, Victoria League, next to The Post Newspapers, Corner King Street (parking available on the street or through the big blue gates on Onslow Road. Access is also through this gate) 

Day: Monday evenings – starting from Monday 14th March 2016 

Time: 6.00pm – 8.30pm 

Format: Similar to my old UWA format (1 min poses working up to 20-30 minute poses in the final hour)

Cost: $15

Contact Nic on 0400 550 997

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Final model update and a big whoops!

Greetings all, Firstly, an incredibly huge apology for forgetting to post about the session we had this week! It was a great one with the delightful Amy and new for us (and first time back after a 20 year hiatus, bodybuilder Shaun. Thankfully we still had a great turnout!

We also had a fantastic turnout the week before. Now I’m not sure if it was because it was Xanthea and Martha, or because it was a clothed session. Regardless it was crazy, and I will make sure to have more of all of that next year!

For our final session on the 14th, well, I didn’t think I could top the wonderful duos we have had of late, but I may have just done so (or at the least tied), as we will be having in the lovely Victoria and the awesome Hayley! I am personally happy to have Hayley in as she is no longer available on Monday nights, so it has been quite awhile for us. 

So that’s it, just on more session for us this year!

On that note, before I forget; for those interested the Sunday group at Atwell is going to continue running through out the holiday season. Check out the Sunday section for more details, but basically they are now regularly having in two models per session, and have one doing a long pose whilst the other does shorter poses. Pretty cool I must say. 

Cheers – Christopher

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A model update and a session on a holiday

Greetings all,

Tomorrow night (the 21st), we’ll be having Victoria in for the evening.

The following week (the 28th) will be a holiday session, and Jules has been awesome enough to yes to running the session. For that night we’ll be having Amy in for the evening. Please not that there will be no coffee or tea on this night as Jules will not be able to access the urn which we use for this. My apologies to everybody for that. 



Both a model and info update

Greetings all,
Sorry about the late update!

This coming Monday (the 29th) we’ll be having in new-to-the-scene Claire.
The following Monday we’ll be having in one of our classics, Victoria!

For anyone interested, some of the info for different sessions has been updated:
– I’ve updated the info for the Tuesday night session at Atwell (that makes three groups running on a Tuesday night, crazy)
– Rai’s sessions on Thursdays, and
– Tracy’s drink & draw, Drawing School, sessions on Sundays.

Happy scribbling folks
– Christopher

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Some model updates and no session Sep 29th

Good evening all, sorry again about the late update (I do not know where the weekends keep going).

Tomorrow night (the 22nd), we’ll be having a solo session with Nicola. Well, I say a solo session, but the model who I booked in last week on short notice for a cancellation but no-showed us may turn up thinking that I had intended to book her in for this week. I don’t know as I haven’t been able to reach her. It’s like a a box-o-chocolate life drawing session, you never know who’ll turn up! (I jest, I always feel bad when a model doesn’t turn up so I do apologise for that.)

There will be no session on the 29th due to the public holiday (Labour day in a Liberal state? How can that stand?).

When we return on the 6th, Sebastian will be running the session for me (as I’ll be recovering from running the 24 Hour Comics Day event the weekend before). The models for that night will be Amy with Trent.

And the following week (the 13th), we’ll be having in Victoria who is back in Perth. The first hour will be nude drawing, and for the second hour Victoria will be wearing some of her Moulin Rouge finest. This should be something to see.

Happy drawing everyone!
– Christopher


A huge model update and some info!

Good evening everyone, it was just pointed out to me today that I hadn’t updated with any info lately, so I do apologise

Tomorrow night (the 19th) we’ll be having a double model session with long time regular Ron, and new face from Thailand, Jean (those of you who go to the Floreat sessions will recognise her as she’s been in at least twice in the last three months).
After that we’ll be having:
26 May – single session with Eila, a newer face to the life modelling scene, and the first time we’ll be having her in.
2 June – No session due to the holiday.
9 June – double model session with Tess, and Captain America himself, Joel.
16 June – clothed session with the always great Victoria in her best burlesque outfits.
23 June – double model session first for us with two female models, the always happy Amy and the soon to be heading back overseas Milly for what will be the last time we’ll be having her in.


And now the other info!

The Tuesday night session at Curtin being run by Mike apparently went really well last week. Just a note that the classes are now going to start at 6:15 and are on level 5. He also has a blog running at

Happy drawing everyone!
– Christopher

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A bunch of updates

Greetings all,
We’ve had a fantastic turnout here at the Monday night session at UWA for the last few weeks now with loads of new faces (both with the models and the drawers) which has been some great fun.

As this coming Monday (the 30th) is a holiday, there will be no session that night. We’ll be back the following week (October 7th) with Victoria as our model for the evening. Sebastián will also be running that session for me that night as I am anticipating being far too knackered after running the 24 Hour Comic challenge to run it myself.

Next up, one of our regulars, Rosey, is having her first solo show of her work and it opens next Wednesday (the 2nd). I’ve attached the flyer with all of the details, so now no one has a reason not to head out on a Wednesday night (well, unless you happen to have a two year old like me, in which case you can head out during the day).


I’m going to give everyone another quick reminder about the 24 Hour Comics Day challenge that takes place October 5-6. If you want in just head over to and fill out the online form.

And last but not least, our group art show. I’ve been asked by quite a few people as to if we’ll be having one again, so I finally looked in to the gallery’s availability. If we wanted to have it before Xmas, then the only time available would be between December 18th-23rd. Essentially just the weekend before Xmas. If we were to do it, I’d say we set up Dec 19-20, have an open night on the 20th, stay open over the weekend, then take things down the evening of the 22nd (Sunday) and the 23rd. The same rules as last time would apply: can be life drawing work only, and is limited only to people who have come out this year to a session (though the drawings put up do not have to actually be from one of our sessions, they can be from another group). I’d love to hear some feedback from people to know what they think.

See you all in a couple of weeks!

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No regular session and an awesome outdoor one

Greetings all,
We’ve had a great session this week (which I wasn’t sure would happen due to the weather) with Kieran, so thank you everyone for coming out (especially to all the new faces)!
There will be no session on April 1st due to the holiday. When we come back on the 8th we’ll have Victoria in for which will be only the second time we’ve been able to have her in in a year. So that’s great.
For those of you needing your drawing fix on Monday night (the 1st), Dr. Sketchy’s is doing a special outdoor drawing event in Northbridge (and another one on the 15th). I’ve copied the details below, or you can check out the site here.

Date: 01 Apr 13
Start: 6:30PM
Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School Perth brings you two nights of freedom in the Piazza!
That’s right, Dr Sketchy’s is completely free to the public this month in the Northbridge Piazza where you can lay on the decadent grass under the big screen and sketch as some of the more fantastical propwork, sets and costumed life models are displayed for your sketching pleasure! Life Modelling by stunning Burlesque queens and circus performers. The most beautiful and bizarre come out for the purpose of furthering your art work.
Bring along your sketchpad and whatever medium you fancy. Easels are welcome up the back and bring a drop sheet if you intend on doing some flamboyant paint work. Games, prizes, daring performances and our host the Insane German Scientist, Dr Barry Umenema will have you laughing through the evening! Life drawing just got a whole lot more interesting!
Come one, come all – open to artists and beginners alike. Talent welcome, but not at all necessary, just BYO art supplies!


That’s it for the year (and the last picture to be uploaded for the year too)!

Greetings folks,

Just want to say thanks to everyone who kept on coming out to the UWA sessions on Monday nights. We had our (rather packed) last session for the year last week.

We’ll be back on 4 February 2-13 at the same time.

Below are images from when we had in Victoria, Kieran and Xiu Lei: