life drawing in perth

a slight hiccup


Well, due to short-sightedness on my part, we didn’t have a male model for the night (at the UWA sessions we alternate between male and female every week). It wasn’t entirely my fault though, Kieren was out of the country, and Nin is out of commision due to an injury. I’ll make sure that that doesn’t happen again.

On the plus side though, it meant that we were able to get Gemma in (especially at short notice), and it was indeed a pleasure having her as our model for the evening. The musical theme for the evening was The Cure and Led Zepplin.

The room for life drawing session at UWA, Perth

Seats a plenty

The room for life drawing session at UWA, Perth

Mr. Lambi was yet again showing us up

2 thoughts on “a slight hiccup

  1. Thanks for having me it was a pleasure to be there!
    Mr Lambi uses a permanent marker like no other!

    • It was a pleasure having you in too, Gemma.
      (Man, you post showed up as spam, but then it didn’t bother telling me that, so I just found it by chance, sorry about the delay in my response.)

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