life drawing in perth

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A model update

Hello all,

Just an update about the drawing sessions at UWA.

Firstly, there will not be a session on April 25th as it is a holiday. The last time I tried to have a session on a holiday only 1 person besides myself showed up, so I won’t be doing that again.

Secondly, on the 11th we’ll be having one of our regular models, Gemma, in for the evening.

And lastly, on the 18th, we will be having Ruth in. We’ve never had her in before so it will great to have a new model in.


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Goodbye February

Good evening all,

On February 28th we’ll be having Gemma in for the evening.

On the March 7th we’ll be having a new face (well for us at least) in with David providing his services for the evening. Just a note that yes, March 7th is a holiday, but we’ll be having a session as the Uni is still open on that day so it makes sense to take advantage of their facilities.


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Catching a breath

Hello everyone. First off, a huge thank you to Gemma for being able to make it in on such short notice. The musical theme for the evening (as selected by Gemma), was Smashing Pumpkins and the Rentals (okay, that was more of my recommendation).

Secondly, there will not be a drawing session on September 27th. This is due to the holiday. But we will be back again on October 4th. Our model for that evening will be Kieren.


a slight hiccup

Well, due to short-sightedness on my part, we didn’t have a male model for the night (at the UWA sessions we alternate between male and female every week). It wasn’t entirely my fault though, Kieren was out of the country, and Nin is out of commision due to an injury. I’ll make sure that that doesn’t happen again.

On the plus side though, it meant that we were able to get Gemma in (especially at short notice), and it was indeed a pleasure having her as our model for the evening. The musical theme for the evening was The Cure and Led Zepplin.

The room for life drawing session at UWA, Perth

Seats a plenty

The room for life drawing session at UWA, Perth

Mr. Lambi was yet again showing us up