life drawing in perth

Burning through the year

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We’re burning through to the end of the year at a fantastic rate, only a few weeks left for us for the year.
This coming Monday (the 18th) we’ll be having a new face in for us – Amy (though she has been modelling for about two years now). The following our model will be Nin, and on December 2nd Jane will be joining us.

Usually we finish up the first Monday into December, but seeing as to how we’re having the show in December, I’ve decided to continue the sessions up till the 16th to give us all some extra time to produce some work. And speaking of the show, I’m starting to put together some promotional material and I’d like to hear if any of you have any names for the show that you’d like to put forward for consideration. Last year I picked it myself, but I think it’d be great to get some feedback from everyone.

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