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A model update and a heck of a lot of news about town

Greetings all!

There is a lot of news to cover this week, so I will just quickly let everyone know that Nin will be our model for this coming Monday (the 14th) at UWA. The session may start a few minutes late to allow for him to make it over from work.

Next, it looks like my loyalty card idea is really taking off with two other groups having cards having systems of their own!

First is the Drawing School with Tracey, which is happening again tomorrow evening (the 13th) with the wonderful Martha as their model. Remember that through till the end of September (so the next two sessions) you can also get the card from my own sessions stamped. 

Secondly is Thursday nights at The Art Space Collective, which now have their own loyalty card (though I need to look into if this replaces the bring a friend and pay $5 less system that they had before). Through till the end of September, head on out and get yourself a stamp for my own group too at the same time. And you really should go as this coming Thursday they have the fabulous Hayley who is virtually unavailable anymore due to her allowing her work and life to take over her schedule of modelling. 

Combine these two with Sebastian’s Tuesday night group at Mt. Hawthorn which you can get stamps at up till the end of September, and those things really add up! Come on people, the seasons they are a changing so now is a good time to get out there! Don’t have a Monday night @ UWA card? Then come on out for a session and pick one up!

Speaking of Thursdays (well, two paragraphs back), Ray’s sessions at his studio in Craigie have moved from Thursday to Friday mornings 10-1. I’ll be updating the Thursday and Friday pages soon to reflect this, plus the fact he has a model coming in from over seas for a limited engagement.

And last but not least, one of our former models (who is dearly missed) and absolutely amazing portrait artist, Tess, is having a group exhibition opening soon. For a preview head to Details:

  • Opens: Friday 2nd October @ 6pm 
  • Exhibition runs from the 3rd Oct – 2nd Nov, 2015
  • Heathcote Museum & Gallery, 58 – 60 Duncraig Rd  Perth, WA

Man that was a lot. Get out there and keep drawing (naked) people!

– Christopher

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A model update (or, why am I always playing catch-up?)

Good afternoon everyone, We continue to have some great
turnouts to the sessions so thank you all for that. This coming
Monday (the 21st) we’ll be having in two familiar faces; Chloé and
Nin. The following week (28th) we’ll be having in Jean who we have
had in once before and newcomer Hayley (who was unable to to make
it last time and was replaced by Leah). Cheerio!

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Burning through the year

We’re burning through to the end of the year at a fantastic rate, only a few weeks left for us for the year.
This coming Monday (the 18th) we’ll be having a new face in for us – Amy (though she has been modelling for about two years now). The following our model will be Nin, and on December 2nd Jane will be joining us.

Usually we finish up the first Monday into December, but seeing as to how we’re having the show in December, I’ve decided to continue the sessions up till the 16th to give us all some extra time to produce some work. And speaking of the show, I’m starting to put together some promotional material and I’d like to hear if any of you have any names for the show that you’d like to put forward for consideration. Last year I picked it myself, but I think it’d be great to get some feedback from everyone.

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A big old catch up

Hello all, so I have four (!) weeks worth of images to catch up on. Over the last four weeks we’ve had in Kieran (who was accompanied by the the soothing sounds of Huey Lewis and the News), Nin (complete with battle damage from a bike mishap), Jane (who came in with a sword, spear and shield) and Sophie (who managed to give us a great turnout even though the weather was terrible last Monday).
This week (the 14th), we have a new model (well, for us as we’ve never had her in before) by the name of Chloe.

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A model update

Good evening all,

Just a quick update that the model that was originally booked for tomorrow night has had to cancel due to illness, as such, we will instead be having Nin as our model for the evening.
The following week (April 30th), we’ll be having Jane as our model.

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Shaking off the cobwebs

Whoops: Just noticed this page never went up. Hate when that happens.

The weather was terrible for our first night back in over a month. As such we had a small turnout, but that’s okay cause it was a far more relaxed atmosphere and ended up being really fun. Musical theme for the evening started off as Radiohead, but as that was going a bit slow, we changed it to Jane’s Addiction. That was indeed a nice change. Tomorrow night we’ll be having Victoria in.

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We’re back baby!

Greetings all,

It’s been awhile, but the sessions will be back up and running from next week (the 7th). Same time and format as always (6-8:30ish).
The upcoming models that we are having in are Nin on the 7th, followed by Victoria on the 14th (which is great as they two are almost always unavailable, Victoria in particular hasn’t been in to model for us in about 6 months or so). Continuing the month, on the 21st we’ll be having Marnie as our model for the evening. Please note that there will not be a session on the 28th, instead I have decided to move it o the Wednesday night (the 30th) as a once off. Sorry about that, but it’s the Ms’ birthday, and I’m not going to miss that. The model for that night will be a new face to the modelling scene by the name of Mark. After that we will be going back to or normal schedule and I’ll update you all on the models for December closer to the beginning of the month.

Again my apologies for putting them on hold and having to do some last minute cancellations, but life had a habit of getting in the way what with the baby, work and uni. Speaking of uni, for those of you interested, there is a graduate show for the BFA students (of which I happen to be one) happening a week Thursday (so the 10th). For those with the facebook:

For those without:

Thursday, November 10 · 6:30pm – 9:30pm


Cullity Gallery, University of Western Australia, Crawley

cnr. Hampden Rd and Stirling Hwy, Nedlands

More Info

The Graduating students of UWA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and Honours Degree, 2011, are exhibiting their works for the last time as a student body, and would love to have your company to witness their  journey of growth and development in art, over the past three years.

Exhibition Times:
Monday-Thursday 9am- 5pm

Official Opening(and Closing):
Thursday, 10th Nov, 6.30pm

Free drinks, nibbles and amateurish art, what more could you want, right? Consider this your formal invitation and feel free to come on out (oddly enough, I do not think I’ll actually be attending the actual evening festivities, but instead will go during the day).
Hope to see some of you next monday.


Session alterations

Greetings all,

Given that October is not going to be a good month for me and I’m not going to be able to have anyone run the sessions for me, I’m afraid that after the session on October 3rd the sessions will be on hiatus till the first week of November.
When we come back, we’ll be having two of our regular favourite models in, Nin will be our model on the 7th, and Victoria will be in on the 14th. I intend to make sure to book in the rest of the models well in advance so people know.
Sessions will then run until December 12th, at which point we’ll be taking a break for the holiday season (as if last year is any indication, things will be quite) and will return on January 23rd.
I’m sorry about the hiatus, but I have my final semester of studio at Uni as well as work and a bub that I need to focus on for the month.