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A UWA model update and loads of info

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Greetings all,
We had an absolutely massive turnout last week which was just crazy. I think I can safely say that 30 people is the the breaking point for our humble little room. But think you everyone who came out, I will try a modified layout on Monday to see if I can make things more comfortable (say by removing some of the tables and such).

The next model
This coming Monday we continue the newness of the year by having in yet another new model for us, Joel. I am quite interested in seeing what he looks like as apparently his upper body physique is so impressive that he was described as looking like Captain America. So this ought to be good.

No session
After that, there will be no session on March 3rd due to the public holiday.

Clothed model
When we come back on March 10th, we will have the first of what will be a regularly occurring event for us, a clothed model. In this case one of our regular models, Jane, will be dressed in her finest cabaret outfit for us. The time format for these nights may shift slightly based on the model/clothing.

Double session
And then after that on March 17th, another new regular event for us will be starting with us having two models in at the same time. For our first double-night we’ll be having Kieran and Amy in for the night. This will be really exciting as it will allow us to have have both short and long poses going on at the same time where one model is still for 20 minutes while the other goes through 5 and 10 minute poses. This is something I have wanted to do for a while so I am quite excited to finally get this off of the ground.

Weekly format
After this, we’ll be going to our new six week rotation of having four regular model sessions, a clothed session and then a double session.

I am also looking into getting some proper lighting for the room. Those of you who joined the group last year wouldn’t know what I’m talking about, but those from before then may remember the nice bright spotlights we used to have. Unfortunately, they were really bright, and once we changed the layout of the room to have the model in the centre of the room there was no where to position them that wouldn’t blind an entire row of people trying to draw. So now I am looking into getting some professional spotlights that I could possibly hang from the ceiling for our sessions. I’ve only just started looking, but if any of you have photo or artwork hanging experience and can help point me in the right direction that would be great.

The dropping of the other boot
All of this does come with a drawback though, and that is that from March 24th (the new model cycle), the session rate will be going up to $15. I will be giving out a stamp cards though and you’ll get a stamp for every session you come to with the sixth one being free. Which means that if you come out regularly the double model session won’t cost you a thing, and means that if you average the cost over the six sessions the rate is actually $12.50.
This is due to factors such as the fact the hourly rate I pay models has gone up over the years whereas I’ve been charging the same amount. It also helps to create a buffer for when we have slower nights, which inevitably happens over the winter months where we go down to nights with a few as 6-8 people. The buffer will also assist with refreshments for our annual exhibition.

If anybody does have any questions about anything in this email, please feel free to email me or just ask me in the weekly session.

Oh yeah, one other thing, if any of you are looking for drawing supplies, there is a new supplier in town (though their main thing seems to be catering to Uni students, they do deliver to everybody). Feel free to check them out:

– Christopher

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