life drawing in perth

A model change and exhibition

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Greetings all,
There has been a change in the model for next week. I originally announced that David 2 (the name I shall be referencing him by to separate him from the other David we’ve had in quite a few times before) would be our model but he has had to cancel, so instead we will be having Travis as our model for the session. Following that, on the 7th, we’ll be having a new model by the name of Tess.

I also wish to let you all know that one of our regulars, Tom, will be having a solo show of his works next Friday (April 4th) in Artlaab (right across the street from us, the south east corner of Stirling Hwy and Hampden Rd [or Broadway as it becomes]) starting @6pm. So come on out.

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