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A model update and a heck of a lot of news about town

Greetings all!

There is a lot of news to cover this week, so I will just quickly let everyone know that Nin will be our model for this coming Monday (the 14th) at UWA. The session may start a few minutes late to allow for him to make it over from work.

Next, it looks like my loyalty card idea is really taking off with two other groups having cards having systems of their own!

First is the Drawing School with Tracey, which is happening again tomorrow evening (the 13th) with the wonderful Martha as their model. Remember that through till the end of September (so the next two sessions) you can also get the card from my own sessions stamped. 

Secondly is Thursday nights at The Art Space Collective, which now have their own loyalty card (though I need to look into if this replaces the bring a friend and pay $5 less system that they had before). Through till the end of September, head on out and get yourself a stamp for my own group too at the same time. And you really should go as this coming Thursday they have the fabulous Hayley who is virtually unavailable anymore due to her allowing her work and life to take over her schedule of modelling. 

Combine these two with Sebastian’s Tuesday night group at Mt. Hawthorn which you can get stamps at up till the end of September, and those things really add up! Come on people, the seasons they are a changing so now is a good time to get out there! Don’t have a Monday night @ UWA card? Then come on out for a session and pick one up!

Speaking of Thursdays (well, two paragraphs back), Ray’s sessions at his studio in Craigie have moved from Thursday to Friday mornings 10-1. I’ll be updating the Thursday and Friday pages soon to reflect this, plus the fact he has a model coming in from over seas for a limited engagement.

And last but not least, one of our former models (who is dearly missed) and absolutely amazing portrait artist, Tess, is having a group exhibition opening soon. For a preview head to Details:

  • Opens: Friday 2nd October @ 6pm 
  • Exhibition runs from the 3rd Oct – 2nd Nov, 2015
  • Heathcote Museum & Gallery, 58 – 60 Duncraig Rd  Perth, WA

Man that was a lot. Get out there and keep drawing (naked) people!

– Christopher

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No session tonight and a model update

Greetings all (and I guess a Happy Aussie Day for those inclined)!

Just a late reminder that there is no session tonight on account of the holiday that is happening this very day.

We’ll be back next week (Feb 2nd), and it will be our first double session of the year with Tess and Lucy. We’ll also be going back up to the usual $15 for the session.

Also, just a general query, I’m considering picking up a music player for the room that anybody would be able to hook their music player (phone, iPod etc) to and add some variety to the room. Might try to see if I can find one with a CD player too for anybody thus inclined. Would anybody be interested in that, or should I just keep bringing in my own stuff? Let me know!

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A clothed model update

Good afternoon everyone, and a happy Friday the 13th!
We’ve been having some great turnouts lately with lots of new faces which is always great to see.
This coming Monday, for our clothed session, we’ll be having a new model in by the name of Beth. Beth owns a vintage clothing store and will be wearing a couple of fancy of outfits from her inventory which will be awesome I’m sure.
The following week will be our first double female session with Tess and Amy!
– Christopher


A huge model update and some info!

Good evening everyone, it was just pointed out to me today that I hadn’t updated with any info lately, so I do apologise

Tomorrow night (the 19th) we’ll be having a double model session with long time regular Ron, and new face from Thailand, Jean (those of you who go to the Floreat sessions will recognise her as she’s been in at least twice in the last three months).
After that we’ll be having:
26 May – single session with Eila, a newer face to the life modelling scene, and the first time we’ll be having her in.
2 June – No session due to the holiday.
9 June – double model session with Tess, and Captain America himself, Joel.
16 June – clothed session with the always great Victoria in her best burlesque outfits.
23 June – double model session first for us with two female models, the always happy Amy and the soon to be heading back overseas Milly for what will be the last time we’ll be having her in.


And now the other info!

The Tuesday night session at Curtin being run by Mike apparently went really well last week. Just a note that the classes are now going to start at 6:15 and are on level 5. He also has a blog running at

Happy drawing everyone!
– Christopher

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A model change and exhibition

Greetings all,
There has been a change in the model for next week. I originally announced that David 2 (the name I shall be referencing him by to separate him from the other David we’ve had in quite a few times before) would be our model but he has had to cancel, so instead we will be having Travis as our model for the session. Following that, on the 7th, we’ll be having a new model by the name of Tess.

I also wish to let you all know that one of our regulars, Tom, will be having a solo show of his works next Friday (April 4th) in Artlaab (right across the street from us, the south east corner of Stirling Hwy and Hampden Rd [or Broadway as it becomes]) starting @6pm. So come on out.