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Just a reminder about the Shenton Park group starting up on Monday 14th


Hi everyone, this is just a reminder that the Monday night group in Shenton Park starts starts up this coming Monday (the 14th). The first week will have Martha as their model, the second is Leah, and the third week will have Victoria. When I hear who is coming up after that from Nic I’ll keep you all posted!

And just a quick reminder of the sessions details:

Venue: 271 Onslow Road, Shenton Park, Victoria League, next to The Post Newspapers, Corner King Street (parking available on the street or through the big blue gates on Onslow Road. Access is also through this gate) 

Day: Monday evenings – starting from Monday 14th March 2016 

Time: 6.00pm – 8.30pm 

Format: Similar to my old UWA format (1 min poses working up to 20-30 minute poses in the final hour)

Cost: $15

Contact Nic on 0400 550 997

2 thoughts on “Just a reminder about the Shenton Park group starting up on Monday 14th

  1. Hi Chris
    I wondered if you can do me a big favour, if it’s even possible. Can you contact me by the email I put here, I left a comment on your website a long time ago offering myself as a life model. I am trying to delete some of my digital footprint, I don’t want potential employers and the like to know I did life modelling. My name is unique and it comes up very easily on google search. I would so appreciate your help and then I can let you know my name and which post. Hopefully you can delete it. Thank you.

    • No sure if I ever did contact you, but in the event I didn’t feel free to shoot me an email on cmarkle @ (just remove the spaces from around the ‘@’).

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