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Session alterations


Greetings all,

Given that October is not going to be a good month for me and I’m not going to be able to have anyone run the sessions for me, I’m afraid that after the session on October 3rd the sessions will be on hiatus till the first week of November.
When we come back, we’ll be having two of our regular favourite models in, Nin will be our model on the 7th, and Victoria will be in on the 14th. I intend to make sure to book in the rest of the models well in advance so people know.
Sessions will then run until December 12th, at which point we’ll be taking a break for the holiday season (as if last year is any indication, things will be quite) and will return on January 23rd.
I’m sorry about the hiatus, but I have my final semester of studio at Uni as well as work and a bub that I need to focus on for the month.

2 thoughts on “Session alterations

  1. do you have contact details to be a life model?

    • Hi Chris, I’m assuming you mean in regards to you wanting to be life drawing model? Just send your contact details to me on and I’ll be in touch

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