life drawing in perth

Hello 2012!

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Greetings all,

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing break. Our sessions return next week (Jan 30th) at our regular time of 6pm, but not in our regular room (at least for the first two weeks). As our room is being refurbished (I’m afraid I do not what hose refurbishments are at the moment) I guess they thought it would be unwise for us to trample through the room?

This room is about a 30 second walk away from our regular room (for those of you who have been coming since the beginning, it’s actually the original room at we started in) and is even closer to the Clifton St carpark as it is part of the ALVA Studio. I’ll have some signs up indicating the room, but if you do happen to go to the old room I’ll have a map up showing where the Studio is. The map below shows where the temporary location is in relation to the Lecture Theatre.

The first model we’ll be having in is Victoria, and on Feb 6th we’ll be having Andrew as our model.

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