life drawing in perth

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Some model updates and a reminder

Good evening all, for tomorrow night (April 2nd), our model will be Andrew.

After that, there will be no session on April 9th due to it being a holiday.

When we’re back on the 16th the model for the evening will be Kieran, and we’ll be following him up with Sophie on the 23rd.


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The ball has begun rolling

Hello all, we’ve had a great first two sessions to the year. On the 30th we had Victoria in (with a short, curly and ginger hairstyle no less) and she was accompanied by Ladytron, M83 and Metronomy. Andrew was our model on the 6th and he was accompanied by Alice Cooper and The Cure.

Next week we’ll be back in our regular room, and we’ll have a new model by the name of Brooke being our model for the evening. The following week well be having Ron in.

By the way, there will be no session on March 6th as it is a Holiday, nor will there be one on March 19th due to outside commitments.


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Hello 2012!

Greetings all,

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing break. Our sessions return next week (Jan 30th) at our regular time of 6pm, but not in our regular room (at least for the first two weeks). As our room is being refurbished (I’m afraid I do not what hose refurbishments are at the moment) I guess they thought it would be unwise for us to trample through the room?

This room is about a 30 second walk away from our regular room (for those of you who have been coming since the beginning, it’s actually the original room at we started in) and is even closer to the Clifton St carpark as it is part of the ALVA Studio. I’ll have some signs up indicating the room, but if you do happen to go to the old room I’ll have a map up showing where the Studio is. The map below shows where the temporary location is in relation to the Lecture Theatre.

The first model we’ll be having in is Victoria, and on Feb 6th we’ll be having Andrew as our model.

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May 2nd

Greetings all,

It was a bit of a relaxed night on the 2nd thanks to the music (a combination of Nirvana Unplugged, the Raconteurs, Phoenix and M83) and slightly reduced numbers, but there was still some great work to come out of having Andrew in. It was also great to see some faces of people who haven’t been in in awhile. Next week we’ll be having Lindsay in who we haven’t had in for awhile so that will be great.

– ca nada


And we’re back

Greetings all,

Well the sessions will be starting up again on the 2nd since our last session with Ruth (who was fantastic but sadly won’t be in again as she is moving to Europe to travel around there in a circus as a performer… I kid you not, I was actually giddy to be talking to someone who had the kind of job that as a kid I was always told I could never be {though in hindsight that may have been because of my size, and the lack of things like motivation and follow through}), and the first model we’ll be having in is Andrew. It’ll be the first time we’re having him in and apparently he is a male dancer which should be awesome.

On the 9th we’ll be having in Lindsay which is great. It’s been awhile since we last had her in (November 8th to be precise, and sadly I wasn’t there to run the session, so it’s been even longer for me), though it’s not through lack of trying. She just always seems to be booked out or off galavanting around the globe.

And some info that some of you may be interested. I mentioned this in the last life drawing session so for some of you this’ll be a repeat:
The YMCA HQ Gallery in Leederville is offering free gallery hire for artists under 26 who earn less than $30,000 a year (curse my stupid old age, nothing cool is ever offered to anyone over 30). If you don’t fit the criteria, the gallery can be hired for $100 a week.

For this, you get:
• Professional Lighting;
• A hanging rail;
• Weekend openings;
• Publicity; and
• a full-time, Monday-Friday gallery attendant.

I don’t know about the rest of you but that is just crazy awesome. To apply, you can contact Poppy Vog at:
email – poppy.voh @
phone – 9328 3221
web –

And that’s bit to try to help the arts. I just want to take this chance to thank everyone who has been coming out lately, the numbers have been fantastic and I appreciate it greatly. To think that just a few weeks ago I was about cancel them. Silly me.

– Christopher