life drawing in perth

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Big model update

Greetings all,
Sorry about the late update (yet again). Stupid illness and work caught me unawares.

Tomorrow night (the 27th) we’ll be having a new model for us (and newish to the scene as well), Marisa.
The following week (Nov 3rd) we’ll be having in Lindsay (who has not been in in quite awhile) and Joe.
On Nov 10th our models for the evening will be Chloé and Sarah.
The 17th I’m stall waiting on confirmation for (I’m trying to get in new/unused models before the end of the year, so hopefully they’ll be unfamiliar faces).
The 24th is going to be exciting, as we’ll be having our first double clothed session with Jane and Beth! Apparently they even met up yesterday to talk about costumes (and I put in a request for one of them to be Jane’s steampunk, as I was disappointed I had to miss it last time).

After that we’ll have two more sessions for the year, Dec 1st and 8th.

See you all tomorrow night.
– Christopher

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A model update

We had a great turnout last week with Victoria as our model, and I wish to thank Sebastián again for running the session for me. Something which he will be doing again over the couple of weeks until I finish my Honours project.
While Sebastián is in our models will be Alistair this coming Monday (the 14th), and Lindsey the following week (the 21st). We haven’t had either of these models in for quite awhile (which makes me all that much more upset that I won’t be taking part in either session), so that is a bit of a treat.
Have a good weekend everyone!

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A cavalcade of pictures!

I have been lapse of late with my image uploading. So here are images from when we have Lindsay in, and Yollie:

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Greetings all!

Just a quick message to let you know that next week we’ll be having in Ron as our model. The following week (the 24th) we’ll be having in Lindsay who we have not had in in ages as she is always working on Monday nights.


Reminder: No session on the 5th or 19th

Good evening all, just a reminder that there is no session at UWA tomorrow night (March 5th), nor the 19th.

For those of you wanting to make up for missing out, how about heading over to the Tuesday night session at the King Street Art Centre? 1st floor, just to the left of the steps, from 7-9:30. It’s their first session for the year and they’re having Lindsay as their model (who we have had in numerous times and is a very good model).


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Fresh faced

We came back with a great turnout which involved a new face and the welcome return of one that hasn’t been in the country for months.

Our model for the evening was Paul, and the musical theme for the evening was from the local act Day of the Dead and the other was from my own home country, Arcade Fire (for which I got thanked for playing… that hasn’t happened before). Next week we’ll be having Lindsay in.







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And we’re back

After a week off we’ll be back up and running this coming Monday (the 1st) with a new face for us. The model for the evening will be Paul, and though he may be new for us he has been modelling for other sessions around Perth.

On the 8th, we’ll be having Lindsay back in again, who we actually haven’t had in since April, so it’s a been awhile.


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Lindsay calling

Hello all,

We had a great session from the 9th with Lindsay as our model and some new faces came out to take part. We also had Radiohead and My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult as the musical accompaniment for the night.

Next week (the 16th) we have Nin coming in, and the following week we’ll be having a new face in, Sophie.


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May 2nd

Greetings all,

It was a bit of a relaxed night on the 2nd thanks to the music (a combination of Nirvana Unplugged, the Raconteurs, Phoenix and M83) and slightly reduced numbers, but there was still some great work to come out of having Andrew in. It was also great to see some faces of people who haven’t been in in awhile. Next week we’ll be having Lindsay in who we haven’t had in for awhile so that will be great.

– ca nada