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A model update and shows!

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Greetings all,

Our great turnout has been continuing, which is good as we head towards the final stretch of the year.

Tomorrow night (the 4th) we’ll be having Chloé as our model, and the following week (the 11th) we’ll be having Kieran in. During the session with Kieran we’ll be trying something a bit different during the longer poses: over the semester that had just finished we had Kieran as one of our models for the drawing unit, and in one of the weeks we were projecting images on to his body (such as animal textures and a skeleton). This produced some fantastic imagery to draw and I think it’ll be fun to give it a go. If everyone enjoys it, I’ll do the same thing with Jane when we have her in at the beginning of December (as she was one of the other models we had in for the classes).

And in other news, if any of you are wondering what to do after you Cup festivities have finished on Tuesday, why not swing by the Cullity Gallery (the one next to our drawing room) and come on out to have a look at the Honours Exhibition and have a drink? It’s actually comprises two bodies of work by myself and my fellow Honours student (and some-time drawing participant) Valdene. Tuesday night from 6-8 and the show comes down the next day. The invite is below:


And in regards to shows and our drawing group, I have booked out the Cullity for us to do another drawing exhibition this year. It’ll be for one weekend only, setup is December 18th-19th, we’ll have a drinks night on the 20th, the show will run over the weekend and people can take down their works Sunday evening or on Monday. Same rules as last time: life drawing work only, and you’d have to been out to at least one of our sessions this year (and the drawings are not limited solely to ones done in our group).
So let me know if you want in as it is open to all!

Happy drawing everybody!
– Christopher

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