life drawing in perth

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Big model update

Greetings all,
Sorry about the late update (yet again). Stupid illness and work caught me unawares.

Tomorrow night (the 27th) we’ll be having a new model for us (and newish to the scene as well), Marisa.
The following week (Nov 3rd) we’ll be having in Lindsay (who has not been in in quite awhile) and Joe.
On Nov 10th our models for the evening will be Chloé and Sarah.
The 17th I’m stall waiting on confirmation for (I’m trying to get in new/unused models before the end of the year, so hopefully they’ll be unfamiliar faces).
The 24th is going to be exciting, as we’ll be having our first double clothed session with Jane and Beth! Apparently they even met up yesterday to talk about costumes (and I put in a request for one of them to be Jane’s steampunk, as I was disappointed I had to miss it last time).

After that we’ll have two more sessions for the year, Dec 1st and 8th.

See you all tomorrow night.
– Christopher

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A model update (or, why am I always playing catch-up?)

Good afternoon everyone, We continue to have some great
turnouts to the sessions so thank you all for that. This coming
Monday (the 21st) we’ll be having in two familiar faces; Chloé and
Nin. The following week (28th) we’ll be having in Jean who we have
had in once before and newcomer Hayley (who was unable to to make
it last time and was replaced by Leah). Cheerio!

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A late model update

Good evening all,
We’ve been having some great turnouts of late, and that’s even with the cold weather, so thank you everyone for coming out!
This coming Monday (the 30th) we’ll have two new models (at least for our group) in: Sarah and Nicola.
The following week (the 7th) we’ll be having Cholé and new-to-the-modelling-gig, Firefighter Danny.

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A model update and shows!

Greetings all,

Our great turnout has been continuing, which is good as we head towards the final stretch of the year.

Tomorrow night (the 4th) we’ll be having Chloé as our model, and the following week (the 11th) we’ll be having Kieran in. During the session with Kieran we’ll be trying something a bit different during the longer poses: over the semester that had just finished we had Kieran as one of our models for the drawing unit, and in one of the weeks we were projecting images on to his body (such as animal textures and a skeleton). This produced some fantastic imagery to draw and I think it’ll be fun to give it a go. If everyone enjoys it, I’ll do the same thing with Jane when we have her in at the beginning of December (as she was one of the other models we had in for the classes).

And in other news, if any of you are wondering what to do after you Cup festivities have finished on Tuesday, why not swing by the Cullity Gallery (the one next to our drawing room) and come on out to have a look at the Honours Exhibition and have a drink? It’s actually comprises two bodies of work by myself and my fellow Honours student (and some-time drawing participant) Valdene. Tuesday night from 6-8 and the show comes down the next day. The invite is below:


And in regards to shows and our drawing group, I have booked out the Cullity for us to do another drawing exhibition this year. It’ll be for one weekend only, setup is December 18th-19th, we’ll have a drinks night on the 20th, the show will run over the weekend and people can take down their works Sunday evening or on Monday. Same rules as last time: life drawing work only, and you’d have to been out to at least one of our sessions this year (and the drawings are not limited solely to ones done in our group).
So let me know if you want in as it is open to all!

Happy drawing everybody!
– Christopher

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A model update and some other news

Greetings all!

We had a slow night on Monday with Sebastián running the show. Can’t say I blame you all though, the weather was terrible.

This Monday (the 22nd) we’ll be having Chloe in, which will be great as it has been over a year since we last had her in. On the 27th Travis will be our model for the night.

In other news, I’ll be updating the blog shortly in regards to Wednesday evening sessions as they have now moved to Erwin’s studio. Make sure to call ahead as seating is limited.

And lastly, one of our UWA regulars, Chris Poole, is having a solo show at Artlaab (just across the road from where we are located) next month. The details are:
Fractions (new works 2013)
6pm Friday August 2nd for the opening night, then 11-4 from the 3rd-8th.
Artlaab’s actual address is No. 6 Broadway, Crawley (the old Black Swan Theatre Co. building).

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Greetings all,
Sorry about the late-ish update. The model for tomorrow night (the 10th) is Chloe who we last had in a couple of months ago.
Just a reminder that Sebastián will be running the session that night and I’ll be back the following week.

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We’ve had some great showings the last two weeks (including a massive 17 people on the 14th, we were a little full I must say). On the 14th we had in Chloe and on the 21st we had Kieran (after a last minute change as the booked model was unable to make it in). Musical themes for the evenings were The Doors with Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones with David Bowie.

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A big old catch up

Hello all, so I have four (!) weeks worth of images to catch up on. Over the last four weeks we’ve had in Kieran (who was accompanied by the the soothing sounds of Huey Lewis and the News), Nin (complete with battle damage from a bike mishap), Jane (who came in with a sword, spear and shield) and Sophie (who managed to give us a great turnout even though the weather was terrible last Monday).
This week (the 14th), we have a new model (well, for us as we’ve never had her in before) by the name of Chloe.