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Model updates and life on the Fringe


Greetings all,

First up, thank you to everyone who came out on Monday, it’s been a while since we were filled to maximum occupancy like that, which was great to see (especially with so many new faces).

Next week we have something different. Firstly, we will be having Marnie in, which is a first for… oh, two years now? And she also happens to be about 34 weeks pregnant. Which means that this will most likely be the last time we have her in. To compliment her, we’ll also be having Ron in. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ron, he is an older, and very skinny, individual, which should make for a great contrast to Marnie.

Fringe Festival Events!
One of our regulars, Chris, is doing an outdoor portrait session as part of the festival and will be doing so Feb 6th and 7th from 8pm onwards. He is set up by the the Perth Cultural Centre and will be drawing people using his tablet. The process of doing so will be displayed on the wall while he works, which is a really fun thing to see. Actually, here’s the blurb from the Fringe page:
The event can be described as live projected street portraiture — a very traditional practice combined with digital tablets and video projection. Highly regarded by judges at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2014, Cinema Portraits is a public engagement in which the audience becomes the spectacle. Become immortalised on the walls of Perth’s Cultural Centre as crowds look up to a building sized portrait of yourself as depicted by the Perth artist Chris Lawrence.

Secondly, a life model who we have never been able to get in (but I have tried numerous times, it always comes down to bad timing) is doing a solo cabaret show about what it’s like to be a model. It also concludes with a life drawing session, and sounds really interesting. It runs for two nights next week (the 11-12th). You can find out more and purchase tickets here.

Happy drawing everyone!
– Christopher
0448 511 207

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