life drawing in perth

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Master of Late!

Greetings all,

It has indeed been awhile since my last post (240 days apparently, at least that is what WordPress is telling me)! I blame the new baby for that. I think I can still get away with that for another few months yet. 

A couple of updates about some sessions. First up, the Curtin sessions have moved from Tuesday to Wednesday nights. All of the details are the same. This means that if you are looking to satisfy your drawing itch on Tuesday’s nights, I highly recommend hitting up Sebastian’s sessions. The details are on the Tuesday’s page. 

Secondly, the Wednesday morning sessions have moved from Hackett Hall. When I get the full details I’ll update it ASAP.


We’re coming back early!

Greetings all, and a Happy New Year!
Usually the UWA sessions come back at the end of January/beginning of February, but due to popular demand we’re going to be starting back on Jan 12th.
As a celebration of the new year and all, the sessions on January 12th and 19th will be $10, down from the usual $15. There won’t be a session on the 26th due to it being Australia Day. When we come back February 2nd it’ll go back up to the normal rate of $15.
On the 12th we’ll be having in Sarah 2 (the newer one we had towards the end of last year) and on the 19th we’ll be having in Trent.
For those of you needing your drawing fix sooner, the Floreat group starts up again this week (Wednesday 7th).

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Upcoming models

At the UWA sessions here we’ll be having Sophie in on the 11th and Jane (whom we haven’t had in in quite some time) in on the 18th. The two weeks of female models are to make up for the two weeks of male models. As a reminder, there will be no session on the 25th, so we we’ll be back with a male model (undetermined at this time) on August 1st.

Also, there is an upcoming art expo coming up on July 10th. It’s a bit too late to apply to  exhibit in it, but it should still be worth checking out:



we like to draw

So. A blog. About life drawing. Yes.

This site will try to be as straight forward as possible. Essentially, it is to be a resource for artists in Perth, WA, to get as much information as they can about the various life drawing sessions going in and around Perth, and for newcomers to not feel intimidated about joining.

In addition to that I, and hopefully organisers from the other various sessions, will be posting pictures from the sessions.

To get things started;

Monday Mornings at 9:30 there is a three hour session in the Midland Junction Arts Centre (Cale St & Great Eastern Hwy) which cost $12 for the session. I’ve never been myself, so I am unfamiliar with the format.

Every Monday night at 6pm, I host a life drawing session at University of Western Australia in the Hew Roberts Seminar Room (adjacent to the Hew Roberts Lecture Theatre) on the ALVA campus (Northwest corner of Stirling Hwy and Hampden Rd). These $10 sessions last for 2.5 hours, 2 hours of which is drawing, and the rest is comprised of two 15 minute breaks. Free Parking in the adjacent parking lots after 5pm. The format starts at gestures, then works up to two 10 minute poses, and finishes off with three 30 minute poses.

On the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm, there is a session run out of the King Street Arts Centre (on on the first floor, turn left from the stairs and it’s the first door on the right). Sessions are similar to the ones listed above, but end with an hour long pose as opposed to the series of 30 minute poses at  the UWA sessions. $10 cover gets you in, and also access to the free wine and juice.

Wednesday Mornings at the start time of 9:30, there is a three hour session that runs out of Hackett Hall in Floreat that will cost you $12. These sessions start at gestures and worth their way up to 25 minute poses. These sessions have been going on for around 25 years, and as such, tend to have a fair size crowd. Make sure to show up early for a good spot.

Wednesday evenings 7pm at the Mechanics Institute Hall on Meadow Street in Guildford. I’ve never actually been to these sessions, so I am unfamiliar with the format, but the sessions run from 7-9:30 and cost $12 for the evening.