life drawing in perth

Fashionably late

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Once again work and Uni has distracted me from posting.

Over the last month we’ve had in Kieren, Victoria, Nigel and Kiah (in that order) and have all sorts of music to accompany them, from Bruce Springsteen to Sneaker Pimps to 5th Projekt.

The model this evening is Scott, so feel free to drop in.

One thought on “Fashionably late

  1. yeah, haven’t been able to come to life drawing in the last few weeks, due to a friggin’ STORM OF ASSIGNMENTS. Arrgh. But i should be able to come along on monday.

    I’ve just finished a ~6500 word assignment, and now i’m workin on this retarded robot that keeps bumping into things. Once that’s over, i can come to lifedrawing sessions again.

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