life drawing in perth

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Half way through February already?

Sorry this update is delayed, but I was trying to finalise the models. I have now done so;
14 February (Hey, that’s Valentines!) – Jasmine will be our model for the evening. This is a nice treat as, after being our final model last year, she relocated to Melbourne. But, being back in Perth for a couple of weeks has allowed us the chance to have her back in.
21 February – Nin will be in for the first time in a rather long time (dang motorcycle accident keeping him out of commission).
For those of you who missed Kiah when she came in, you missed out on a special treat as she showed up revealing that she is 7 months pregnant. I’ve told her that I will certainly have to have her in again in the next 4-6 weeks as it really made for a wonderfully different human shape to draw.
In other news, but still somewhat related, there will be series of intensive seminars/workshops happening on Tuesdays in March from the 8th-29th in the same room which we do life drawing in. Titled ‘Drawing the Dead: 2D Facial Reconstruction, Anatomy & Portraiture‘, participants will produce an anatomical portrait, drawing on the techniques of art and 2D forensic facial reconstruction.
The conveyor for the event is Susan Hayes (with whom I originally organised the UWA life drawing sessions) who specialises in the facial approximation of archaeological remains. I did a 3D facial reconstruction workshop with Sue (using a replica skull and clay to rebuild muscles, fat and flesh) which was a great experience to learn about what goes on beneath the surface. If you’re interested, or want to know more, you should contact Susan on susan.hayes @

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The year rolls on

Hello all. First, a bit of a delayed thank you to Kieren for filling it on such a late notice on the 17th, and a thank you to Nigel for giving us a great last night of drawing. The music themes for their night were Arcade Fire, the Avett Brothers and Led Zeppelin.

Over the next two weeks, the models will be Kiah on the the 31st (if you haven’t had the chance to draw Kiah before than this will be a real treat, you can check out her website at and Lenny on the 7th (we’ve only had Lenny in once before, but when he was in he had the most awesome sideburns, a vest and a tie. If that doesn’t make for a fantastic character to draw, I do not know what does).

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a little late

From the Monday night session at UWA.

The model was Kiah (who was fantastic, so I highly recommend you check out her site) and the musical theme was Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Alternate view of the life drawing session at UWA

View from the other end of the room

From the life drawing session at UWA, Perth

Kiah had some fantastic poses

From the life drawing session at UWA, Perth

Chris from the Floreat group came out in full force

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Moving along

Just some general updates:

  • First up, the model for the evening of Monday 12th at UWA is Kiah (there is a link to her homepage on the right).
  • I’ve started adding tabs along the top for the various days of the week. Simply select the days that you are interested in and all the info I currently have is on there. I’ll be updating them as I find out more, and when I do I’ll put a notice on here.
  • The Perth Art Groups link on the right is quite interesting, it covers a broad range of all the various art activities going on in and around Perth during the week (not just the life drawing related stuff). If you are looking for painting or outdoor drawing sessions, you may wish to have a peek.