life drawing in perth

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Model update

Good evening all,

Sorry I am so very very late with this, but it has been heck trying to get a model that was available. As it is, I was unable to book a female model, so I have had to call in a male model instead. I’ll make up for this having female models in on the 11th and 18th.
The model we will be having in on the 4th is Clint.

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Out of date and out of dates

I did not realise that it had been so long since I had done the last update. That’s what Uni and work will do to a person.

Over the last month we’ve had in Lindsay,¬†Keiren,¬†Clint and Victoria.

The model for the next session, Dec 6th, is Jasmine.

This will be the last session at UWA for 2010 as we take a month off. We’ll be returning on Jan 17th for the new year. Hope everyone has a relaxing and stress free holiday season.