life drawing in perth

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Cancellation and some other info. Plus pictures!

Hello all. It was brought to my attention on Monday that next Monday (the 4th), is a holiday (Foundation Day or some such thing). As such, there will not be a session that night after all. Which works out well as jasmine was going to have to cancel as it was. We’ll be back on the 11th with Anita.


In other news, one of our regular drawers, George, is going to be in an art show (along with quite a few other artists) titled Looking Through Windows – Personal Journeys Through Australia. It opens this coming Friday at 6pm and will be at 464 Smart Space (464A William Street). Official bookface-thing is here.


We had a great session with David as our model. Pictures are below and the musical themes for the evening were The Beatles and Arcade Fire.

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Three models are better than none

Good day all,
Just an update to let you all know about the models we’ll be having in over the next three weeks:
Firstly, on the 28th, we’ll have not-seen-in-a-long-time David.
On the 4th we’ll be having back-in-Perth-for-a-brief-while Jasmine.
And lastly, on the 11th, one-last-time-before-she-leaves-the-country Anita.

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Plenty of pretty pictures

We had a great last couple of weeks having Ron and Jasmine in.

With Ron we had the musical accompaniment of Led Zeppelin, The Raconteurs and Metronomy. For Jasmine we had Sneaker Pimps, Pivot and Radiohead. Images from the sessions are below.

When we’re back on the 12th, we’ll be having a new model in for our session by the name of Brooke, and on the 26th we’ll be having Kieran.

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Well after a week off we had a great turnout and some great work come out for the evening with Marnie. Musical vibe was from My Life WIth The Thrill Kill Kult and Garbage. Next week we’ll be having a new face to the modelling scene, Kirk, and on the 27th we’ll be having Jasmine in again as she’s back in town for a couple of weeks.









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Half way through February already?

Sorry this update is delayed, but I was trying to finalise the models. I have now done so;
14 February (Hey, that’s Valentines!) – Jasmine will be our model for the evening. This is a nice treat as, after being our final model last year, she relocated to Melbourne. But, being back in Perth for a couple of weeks has allowed us the chance to have her back in.
21 February – Nin will be in for the first time in a rather long time (dang motorcycle accident keeping him out of commission).
For those of you who missed Kiah when she came in, you missed out on a special treat as she showed up revealing that she is 7 months pregnant. I’ve told her that I will certainly have to have her in again in the next 4-6 weeks as it really made for a wonderfully different human shape to draw.
In other news, but still somewhat related, there will be series of intensive seminars/workshops happening on Tuesdays in March from the 8th-29th in the same room which we do life drawing in. Titled ‘Drawing the Dead: 2D Facial Reconstruction, Anatomy & Portraiture‘, participants will produce an anatomical portrait, drawing on the techniques of art and 2D forensic facial reconstruction.
The conveyor for the event is Susan Hayes (with whom I originally organised the UWA life drawing sessions) who specialises in the facial approximation of archaeological remains. I did a 3D facial reconstruction workshop with Sue (using a replica skull and clay to rebuild muscles, fat and flesh) which was a great experience to learn about what goes on beneath the surface. If you’re interested, or want to know more, you should contact Susan on susan.hayes @

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Last one here

Well we had the final session at UWA on Monday night. Jasmine was our model for the evening and the musical theme was Authechre. That was the last session for the year, and we’ll be returning on January 17th, not the 10th like I had said earlier. Sorry about the confusion.

The drawing sessions at the King St Arts centre also finished up for the year earlier this week with the models being Gary for the first half and Roz for the second. They are now on a break and will be returning the first Tuesday in March (and should be continuing the rest of the year in that fashion too).

Have some happy holidays everyone.

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Out of date and out of dates

I did not realise that it had been so long since I had done the last update. That’s what Uni and work will do to a person.

Over the last month we’ve had in Lindsay, Keiren, Clint and Victoria.

The model for the next session, Dec 6th, is Jasmine.

This will be the last session at UWA for 2010 as we take a month off. We’ll be returning on Jan 17th for the new year. Hope everyone has a relaxing and stress free holiday season.

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things are picking up

We had a fantastic turnout on Monday (in fact, almost a little too fantastic in the numbers department, a couple more and we may have been at our limit), which was great as we did have a couple of slow weeks. It was made even better as about half of the group were in fact new faces, and some of them were even first timers.

Jasmine was our model and the music for the evening was Gorillaz. Coming up on the 16th will be Kieren.