life drawing in perth

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Info dump

This coming Monday (the 12th), we’ll be having Paul in. On the 26th we’ll be having Victoria, which is the first time in quite awhile, and on OCtober 3rd, we’ll be having a new face for us, U’Llynda, who has been doing some work for the Wednesday night in Midland group. I haven’t missed out on the 19th, I just don’t have a model lined up as yet.

On another note, I’ve started to tag the models mentioned in the posts to make it easier to see the work that’s come out of their sessions. I haven’t had the chance to retroactively apply it to all of them yet, but I will be doing so shortly.


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Fresh faced

We came back with a great turnout which involved a new face and the welcome return of one that hasn’t been in the country for months.

Our model for the evening was Paul, and the musical theme for the evening was from the local act Day of the Dead and the other was from my own home country, Arcade Fire (for which I got thanked for playing… that hasn’t happened before). Next week we’ll be having Lindsay in.







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And we’re back

After a week off we’ll be back up and running this coming Monday (the 1st) with a new face for us. The model for the evening will be Paul, and though he may be new for us he has been modelling for other sessions around Perth.

On the 8th, we’ll be having Lindsay back in again, who we actually haven’t had in since April, so it’s a been awhile.