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Big model update

Greetings all,
Sorry about the late update (yet again). Stupid illness and work caught me unawares.

Tomorrow night (the 27th) we’ll be having a new model for us (and newish to the scene as well), Marisa.
The following week (Nov 3rd) we’ll be having in Lindsay (who has not been in in quite awhile) and Joe.
On Nov 10th our models for the evening will be Chloé and Sarah.
The 17th I’m stall waiting on confirmation for (I’m trying to get in new/unused models before the end of the year, so hopefully they’ll be unfamiliar faces).
The 24th is going to be exciting, as we’ll be having our first double clothed session with Jane and Beth! Apparently they even met up yesterday to talk about costumes (and I put in a request for one of them to be Jane’s steampunk, as I was disappointed I had to miss it last time).

After that we’ll have two more sessions for the year, Dec 1st and 8th.

See you all tomorrow night.
– Christopher

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An incredibly late model update and an artistic challenge!

Whoops! Really sorry about the tardiness of this post, it’s been a hectic weekend.
Tomorrow night (the 15th), we’ll be having a double session with Lucy and Sarah.
And the artistic challenge: for the last few years I’ve been organising the Perth chapter of the annual 24 Hour Comics Day challenge. And I’m doing so again this year from October 4-5th here at UWA (had to relocate this year due to renovations at the Film & Television Institute where we normally have it. The rules are simple; participants have to complete a 24 page comic in 24 hours using the title supplied to them (this year’s theme is Storybook Edition). If you’re interested in knowing more visit everyone!

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A late model update

Good evening all,
We’ve been having some great turnouts of late, and that’s even with the cold weather, so thank you everyone for coming out!
This coming Monday (the 30th) we’ll have two new models (at least for our group) in: Sarah and Nicola.
The following week (the 7th) we’ll be having Chol√© and new-to-the-modelling-gig, Firefighter Danny.