life drawing in perth

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A model update for Monday night @ UWA

Greetings all!

We had a great double session last week with Xanthea and newish-to-Perth, Bonnie!

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be having solo sessions with:

  • The wonderful Rebecca on October 19th
  • Tiny Leah will be joining us on the 26th
  • The elusive Lucy on November 2nd (seriously, she has been hard to track down lately)
  • November 9th will feature new to our group Ebony, for a session being run by Jules for the night (thanks Jules!). This also means that there will be no coffee or tea for the night as Jules will not be able to access the urn that we use. 

Cheerio all!

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No session tonight and a model update

Greetings all (and I guess a Happy Aussie Day for those inclined)!

Just a late reminder that there is no session tonight on account of the holiday that is happening this very day.

We’ll be back next week (Feb 2nd), and it will be our first double session of the year with Tess and Lucy. We’ll also be going back up to the usual $15 for the session.

Also, just a general query, I’m considering picking up a music player for the room that anybody would be able to hook their music player (phone, iPod etc) to and add some variety to the room. Might try to see if I can find one with a CD player too for anybody thus inclined. Would anybody be interested in that, or should I just keep bringing in my own stuff? Let me know!

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An incredibly late model update and an artistic challenge!

Whoops! Really sorry about the tardiness of this post, it’s been a hectic weekend.
Tomorrow night (the 15th), we’ll be having a double session with Lucy and Sarah.
And the artistic challenge: for the last few years I’ve been organising the Perth chapter of the annual 24 Hour Comics Day challenge. And I’m doing so again this year from October 4-5th here at UWA (had to relocate this year due to renovations at the Film & Television Institute where we normally have it. The rules are simple; participants have to complete a 24 page comic in 24 hours using the title supplied to them (this year’s theme is Storybook Edition). If you’re interested in knowing more visit everyone!

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The new format and a model update

Greetings everyone,
We had a cracking first double model session with Kieran and Amy last week.

The double session last week also means that we will beginning our new regular rotation from next week which is: 4 weeks of single model sessions (female/male/female/male), 1 clothed model session, 1 double model session, then we start over again. To help everyone keep track of the dates, the next double session is on May 5th (it’s seven weeks away as April 21st is a holiday)

If the numbers stay similar to what we have been having lately, I will also be looking into arranging the odd double session (which I would let everyone know about beforehand), and if I do it would be during the second female session.

The new rotation also means that the rate will be going up to $15 a session from the 24th, (for which we will be having Lucy in as our model for the evening, followed by David, a new model to Perth, the following week) but every sixth session you attend will be free.

I’ve also updated some of the info on the site here as well including amendments to Friday and Sunday sessions, a newish Thursday session and new instructed sessions being taught by one of our former models, Kiah.

Cheers all,
– Christopher

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A torrent of pictures!

I have been slack in updating the pictures, so here’s a bunch from the last four sessions! And one last reminder that there is no session on March 4th.


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We’ve come so far baby

Greetings all, we’ve had a fantastic first two weeks back at UWA with a whopping 18 new faces between the two sessions! Thanks to everyone who has been coming out (the room may have been a bit tight last time, but we made it through!).
We had Lucy the first week, and a new face for us, Trent last time (pictures will be coming in the next few days), next week we have a one-off treat of a Kiwi model by the name of Richard who will be in town just for the week, so that will be fun.

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Another cavalcade of pictures!

Photos from the last three sessions are below, and the models we had in for those were: Travis, Lucy and Bianca

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Some newer models

Good evening all,
Just a quick update to let you all know that next week we’ll be having Travis as our model for the evening. The following week will be a new model for us (and in general as, unless she models between now and then, it’ll be her first time modelling) by the name of Lucy.