life drawing in perth

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The new format and a model update

Greetings everyone,
We had a cracking first double model session with Kieran and Amy last week.

The double session last week also means that we will beginning our new regular rotation from next week which is: 4 weeks of single model sessions (female/male/female/male), 1 clothed model session, 1 double model session, then we start over again. To help everyone keep track of the dates, the next double session is on May 5th (it’s seven weeks away as April 21st is a holiday)

If the numbers stay similar to what we have been having lately, I will also be looking into arranging the odd double session (which I would let everyone know about beforehand), and if I do it would be during the second female session.

The new rotation also means that the rate will be going up to $15 a session from the 24th, (for which we will be having Lucy in as our model for the evening, followed by David, a new model to Perth, the following week) but every sixth session you attend will be free.

I’ve also updated some of the info on the site here as well including amendments to Friday and Sunday sessions, a newish Thursday session and new instructed sessions being taught by one of our former models, Kiah.

Cheers all,
– Christopher

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New models and new photos

Greetings everybody,

We’ve been having a quite busy couple of weeks lately which has been great. Especially as there have been so many new faces, which is always a pleasure.

We have new models for us over the next two weeks. Emily will be joining us on Monday (Sept 2nd), and Alvin will be posing for us the following week.

And now some pictures from the last couple of sessions when we had Jess and David in:

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A little, late, update

Greetings all,
I do apologise for posting this model info so late. This coming Monday (the 19th), we have a new model for us, Jess, coming in. It’s always a treat to have a new model in so that is exciting.
The following week (the 26th) we’ll be having David in. I believe this may be the first time for the year that we’ve had him in as he is usually out of the city whenever I try to book him in.
Happy drawing everybody!

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Cancellation and some other info. Plus pictures!

Hello all. It was brought to my attention on Monday that next Monday (the 4th), is a holiday (Foundation Day or some such thing). As such, there will not be a session that night after all. Which works out well as jasmine was going to have to cancel as it was. We’ll be back on the 11th with Anita.


In other news, one of our regular drawers, George, is going to be in an art show (along with quite a few other artists) titledĀ Looking Through Windows – Personal Journeys Through Australia. It opens this coming Friday at 6pm and will be at 464 Smart Space (464A William Street). Official bookface-thing is here.


We had a great session with David as our model. Pictures are below and the musical themes for the evening were The Beatles and Arcade Fire.

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Goodbye February

Good evening all,

On February 28th we’ll be having Gemma in for the evening.

On the March 7th we’ll be having a new face (well for us at least) in with David providing his services for the evening. Just a note that yes, March 7th is a holiday, but we’ll be having a session as the Uni is still open on that day so it makes sense to take advantage of their facilities.