life drawing in perth


Model info for some groups about town!

Greetings all,

I hope you folks haven’t been letting the weather keep you from heading out to do some drawing (sadly, I am using that excuse for myself).

Over the next few weeks, the Shenton Park Monday night group has a few models lined up:

  • April 18th is Amy
  • April 25th is Anzac Day so no life drawing that evening
  • 2nd May is Jane
  • 8th May is Joe, the first male so far with the group

And over at The Art Space Collective, their fortnightly Drawing Theatre sessions will continue on April 28th (7-9pm) with Jane. 

Happy doodles everyone!


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Life drawing at Shenton Park

Greetings all! Sorry about the lack of updates of late, but just to give you all an update that the model tomorrow night (the 4th) will be the wonderful Victoria!

Also, sounds like they’ll soon be having some wine too. I recommend contacting Nic on 0400 550 997 (either call or text) and give her your email address so that she can add you to her mailing list. 



Just a reminder about the Shenton Park group starting up on Monday 14th

Hi everyone, this is just a reminder that the Monday night group in Shenton Park starts starts up this coming Monday (the 14th). The first week will have Martha as their model, the second is Leah, and the third week will have Victoria. When I hear who is coming up after that from Nic I’ll keep you all posted!

And just a quick reminder of the sessions details:

Venue: 271 Onslow Road, Shenton Park, Victoria League, next to The Post Newspapers, Corner King Street (parking available on the street or through the big blue gates on Onslow Road. Access is also through this gate) 

Day: Monday evenings – starting from Monday 14th March 2016 

Time: 6.00pm – 8.30pm 

Format: Similar to my old UWA format (1 min poses working up to 20-30 minute poses in the final hour)

Cost: $15

Contact Nic on 0400 550 997

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Life drawing in Shenton Park

Greetings all,Well, to make up for the fact that I had to shut down my own Monday evening sessions @ UWA, there is a new group starting up in Shenton Park on Monday nights, not too far from where the old group was being run.

I won’t be running them though, that will be left to Nic who is carrying the torch! She’ll be using a similar format to what I had used (which helps as she was such a regular for my own sessions).


Venue: 271 Onslow Road, Shenton Park, Victoria League, next to The Post Newspapers, Corner King Street (parking available on the street or through the big blue gates on Onslow Road. Access is also through this gate) 

Day: Monday evenings – starting from Monday 14th March 2016 

Time: 6.00pm – 8.30pm 

Format: Similar to my old UWA format

Cost: $15

Contact Nic on 0400 550 997

I’ll be stopping by on occasion too, so it’ll be great to get to see some of you again!


– Christopher


A status update for UWA life drawing

Greetings all,I hope the new year has been treating you all well!

Well, I had intended to start this email by letting you folks know that I was putting the UWA sessions with their new Thursday night time slot on hiatus till the end of the first semester due to a variety of reasons (figuring out times with the new job, the boy having just started school full time and being unable to book just a single venue for the beginning of the year meaning we would have had to move around a bit which would be really annoying).

But I am having to let you folks know that we won’t be back at all.

Unfortunately due to circumstances out of my control, I will not be able to continue the sessions at all. So this means the end of the UWA drawing sessions I’m afraid.

But hey, at almost six years of running, that’s over five and a half more than I thought it would last!

So thank you everyone for coming on out over the years, putting up with my terrible taste in music, and allowing me to cram you full of biscuits and lollies (of which I still actually have quite a few packets/biscuits of… perhaps starting a diet two weeks ago wasn’t a good idea…)!

I will continue to keep this website up as a resource for people to find venues in the city, learn about instructed drawing classes and whatever else is going on.

Until next time folks, Take Care!

– Christopher

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An end of year update!

Greetings all,I hope this time of year hasn’t been stressing you all out too much.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for coming out to the UWA sessions on Monday nights over the past year. I hope you all have enjoyed it. And as always, if you haven’t, please let me now what I can do to improve it. 

As I mentioned in the last session for the year a couple of weeks ago, we’ll be coming back on Feb 4th. A bit far away I know but I’ll be out of the country for almost all of January.

Also, for those of you who didn’t immediately rush to pencil that in (and seriously, why wouldn’t you?) and notice the oddness of the date, starting next year we’ll be moving to Thursdays. This is on account of my no longer being available on Mondays (because I got stingy and decided to finally stop the freelancing scene and get myself a permanent desk job for three days a week). I do know that this will conflict for some of you, and it’ll be unfortunate to not get you in again, but it was either that or cancel them altogether!

And that’s it. Have a happy and safe holiday season everyone!

P.S: Don’t forget, if you still have the drawing itch over the holidays, check out Graham’s drawing group in Atwell on Sundays as it’s running through the break with two models for each session)

Best regards – Christopher

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Final model update and a big whoops!

Greetings all, Firstly, an incredibly huge apology for forgetting to post about the session we had this week! It was a great one with the delightful Amy and new for us (and first time back after a 20 year hiatus, bodybuilder Shaun. Thankfully we still had a great turnout!

We also had a fantastic turnout the week before. Now I’m not sure if it was because it was Xanthea and Martha, or because it was a clothed session. Regardless it was crazy, and I will make sure to have more of all of that next year!

For our final session on the 14th, well, I didn’t think I could top the wonderful duos we have had of late, but I may have just done so (or at the least tied), as we will be having in the lovely Victoria and the awesome Hayley! I am personally happy to have Hayley in as she is no longer available on Monday nights, so it has been quite awhile for us. 

So that’s it, just on more session for us this year!

On that note, before I forget; for those interested the Sunday group at Atwell is going to continue running through out the holiday season. Check out the Sunday section for more details, but basically they are now regularly having in two models per session, and have one doing a long pose whilst the other does shorter poses. Pretty cool I must say. 

Cheers – Christopher