life drawing in perth

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Model update, info and an onslaught of images

Greetings all,

We’ve been having a a couple of slow weeks at the UWA group lately, which is a bit of shame as people have been missing out on some great models with Chloé and Travis, but understandable given the weather.

Over the next two weeks, Sebastian will be running the sessions for me. The models for the sessions he will be running are Jane on the 5th and Trent on the 12th.

Just a reminder that Chris’ art show I posted about the other week will be opening this Friday at ArtLaab. So if you’re looking for something to do on Friday night, head one out to look at art and have some drinks. Here’re the details:


I’ll be back on Aug 19th, happy drawing till then people.

And now images from over the last month or so:

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Sorry everyone, just realised that I haven’t updated in awhile.

Tonight (the 18th), we’ll be having Jane as our model. Next week (the 25th), Kieran will be in.

Also, just of note, there will be no session on April 1st as it is another holiday.


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A big old catch up

Hello all, so I have four (!) weeks worth of images to catch up on. Over the last four weeks we’ve had in Kieran (who was accompanied by the the soothing sounds of Huey Lewis and the News), Nin (complete with battle damage from a bike mishap), Jane (who came in with a sword, spear and shield) and Sophie (who managed to give us a great turnout even though the weather was terrible last Monday).
This week (the 14th), we have a new model (well, for us as we’ve never had her in before) by the name of Chloe.

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A model update

Good evening all,

Just a quick update that the model that was originally booked for tomorrow night has had to cancel due to illness, as such, we will instead be having Nin as our model for the evening.
The following week (April 30th), we’ll be having Jane as our model.

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We had Jane in, and Jane had a sword

No lie, Quite possibly the oddest, and coolest prop any model has brought to a session that I’ve attended in Perth (beaten only by a model back when I was in college a long time ago that brought a devil’s pitchfork and a headband with horns on it). It was a great night and as per Jane’s request the musical theme was quite literally random. So I do apologise for those of you who did not really appreciate the Ensiferum, Judas Priest, William Shatner and Mayumi Kojima. ThHough I’ll admit I enjoyed hearing some of my odder collection being played.





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Upcoming models

At the UWA sessions here we’ll be having Sophie in on the 11th and Jane (whom we haven’t had in in quite some time) in on the 18th. The two weeks of female models are to make up for the two weeks of male models. As a reminder, there will be no session on the 25th, so we we’ll be back with a male model (undetermined at this time) on August 1st.

Also, there is an upcoming art expo coming up on July 10th. It’s a bit too late to apply to  exhibit in it, but it should still be worth checking out:


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and away it goes

The life drawing session at the King Street Arts Centre last night (06 July).

Jane was the model, and the session was quite tightly packed with a fantastic turnout.

Layout of the king street arts centre life drawing facilities.

The King St session allows for plenty of room for participants

Sample of work from the King Street life drawing session

One day, I too will learn to use colours like Maria

Sample of work from the King Street life drawing session

Even in shadows, Doug's work is awesome

Sample of work from the King Street life drawing session

Some fantastic pen work by a lady whose name I completely forgot to ask

I’ve also discovered that my phone’s camera really hates artificial light, so my apologies to the artists’ whose work my camera is butchering.