life drawing in perth

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Greetings all,
Our model for this coming Monday (the 8th) at UWa will be Yollie, and the following week (the 15th) Kieran will be our model.
Also just a heads up that Sebastián will be covering the sessions for me on the 15th and 22nd (model for that date still to be finalised) as I will not be available on those days.

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We’ve had some great showings the last two weeks (including a massive 17 people on the 14th, we were a little full I must say). On the 14th we had in Chloe and on the 21st we had Kieran (after a last minute change as the booked model was unable to make it in). Musical themes for the evenings were The Doors with Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones with David Bowie.

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A big old catch up

Hello all, so I have four (!) weeks worth of images to catch up on. Over the last four weeks we’ve had in Kieran (who was accompanied by the the soothing sounds of Huey Lewis and the News), Nin (complete with battle damage from a bike mishap), Jane (who came in with a sword, spear and shield) and Sophie (who managed to give us a great turnout even though the weather was terrible last Monday).
This week (the 14th), we have a new model (well, for us as we’ve never had her in before) by the name of Chloe.

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One last reminder

Hello all, just a last reminder that there is no life drawing session tomorrow night (April 9th) due the whole ‘it being a holiday thing’. We’ll be back with Kieran on the 16th though.

I also noticed that I haven’t been putting up any images from the last couple of sessions. I’ll correct that mistake and put those up this week.


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Plenty of pretty pictures

We had a great last couple of weeks having Ron and Jasmine in.

With Ron we had the musical accompaniment of Led Zeppelin, The Raconteurs and Metronomy. For Jasmine we had Sneaker Pimps, Pivot and Radiohead. Images from the sessions are below.

When we’re back on the 12th, we’ll be having a new model in for our session by the name of Brooke, and on the 26th we’ll be having Kieran.

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Goodbye 2011

We had a smaller turnout for our last session of the year, but that worked out quite fine. The wine, cheeses and dip made the smaller group quite fun. Our theme for the evening was Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin.

We’ll be back in 2012 on Jan 30th.

For those interested in other life drawing sessions, I recommend checking out some of the other sessions before going in. Most of them will be taking a break at this time of the year. On the other hand, Dr. Sketchy’s tends to have even more during the summer on different days, so I recommend checking out there site to stay on top of that.

Happy holidays everyone.

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A catch up

We’ve had a great last couple of sessions with Mark in on Nov 30th and Yollie in on the 5th. Musical themes have been along the lines of Beck, Arcade Fire and Garbage (also gave White Zombie a try but it didn’t quite work). We have one more session for the year on the 12th, and Kieran will be our model for the night.


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And one last time

Just reminding everyone again that the session for tomorrow night (the 28th) has been moved to the 30th.

After that we’ll have two more sessions for the year before we break for the summer. First up will be a new face for us, Yollie, on the 5th, and we’re going to end the year where it began with Kieran on the 12th.

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He’s a lumberjack

We had to do a last minute change as Frank was unable to make it in. Instead we got Kieran. And he brought an axe. Sadly we had a really low turnout, so not too many people got to appreciate the awesomeness of it. Musical theme for the evening was David Bowie and Pearl Jam.