life drawing in perth

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Some model updates

We had Kieran in on Monday, and it was a little quite. I blame the wet and cold weather. The musical theme for the evening was Pink Flyod and Dire Straits.
Just to let you all know about the models we have coming up over the next couple of weeks:
August 22nd – Ron: Ron is a new model here at UWA for us.
August 29th – Sophie: We’ve had Sophie in a few times before and her poses are always great.
September 5th – Marnie: We’ve only had Marnie in once before, which is a shame really as her poses were fantastic.

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Quick note

Just a friendly reminder that there is no session at UWA this coming Monday (the 6th).

And we had a great session with Kieren this week with some new faces in the crowd to boot. Unfortunately my main internet access portal is down at the moment and has been for a couple of days now (ehanks Telstra for the fantastic phone line!), but once it’s back up I’ll post some pictures from the session.


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Some updates

Next week (the 30th) at UWA, we’ll be having Kieren in as out model for the evening. The following week, as pointed out to me by the model I had booked in, is a holiday. As such, there will be no session on the 6th. Instead, the model for the evening, Marnie (which will be her first time in), has been moved to the 13th.

Some of you may have also noticed some new tabs along the top of the page. I have been sent some info for painting sessions on Fridays and Sundays, so I have posted the information for those on their respective pages.

At some point I will also figure out how to move the days to their correct order as they default to alphabetical, which is really quite annoying.

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The year rolls on

Hello all. First, a bit of a delayed thank you to Kieren for filling it on such a late notice on the 17th, and a thank you to Nigel for giving us a great last night of drawing. The music themes for their night were Arcade Fire, the Avett Brothers and Led Zeppelin.

Over the next two weeks, the models will be Kiah on the the 31st (if you haven’t had the chance to draw Kiah before than this will be a real treat, you can check out her website at¬†and Lenny on the 7th (we’ve only had Lenny in once before, but when he was in he had the most awesome sideburns, a vest and a tie. If that doesn’t make for a fantastic character to draw, I do not know what does).