life drawing in perth

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Still around yet

We had another good turnout this week for Marnie. Not as huge as last week, but it was great that there were some faces we hadn’t seen for awhile and some new faces too. We changed up the format a bit so we didn’t have any 30 minute poses, instead, we had 2x15mins and 3x20mins. Gotta say it was fun, may have to do more of that in the future. Theme for the evening was Metronomy, M83 and Hooverphonic (even if Marnie did make fun of that choice).

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Long time no see

We had Victoria in on the 14th, and it was an incredibly huge turn out. The room was practically bursting ther were so many people there. And lots of new faces too, it was great. Musical theme for the evening was Stereolab, Bjork and My Life withe the Thrill Kill Kult.

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Shaking off the cobwebs

Whoops: Just noticed this page never went up. Hate when that happens.

The weather was terrible for our first night back in over a month. As such we had a small turnout, but that’s okay cause it was a far more relaxed atmosphere and ended up being really fun. Musical theme for the evening started off as Radiohead, but as that was going a bit slow, we changed it to Jane’s Addiction. That was indeed a nice change. Tomorrow night we’ll be having Victoria in.

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He’s a lumberjack

We had to do a last minute change as Frank was unable to make it in. Instead we got Kieran. And he brought an axe. Sadly we had a really low turnout, so not too many people got to appreciate the awesomeness of it. Musical theme for the evening was David Bowie and Pearl Jam.

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September already?

That’s crazy.

We had a great showing with Marnie in last week. Musical theme for the evening involved Ladytron, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult (whom Marnie informed me sound suspiciously like Machine Gun Fellatio, so I’m going to have to check them out) and a bit of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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We’ve been having a good last couple of weeks.

Ron was in on the 22nd and the musical themes was the likes of U2 and The Cure. I didn’t run the session so I have no pictures to show from the work that was done (I’m going to need to sort that out).

On the 29th we had Sophie in for another great session. Musial theme was a bit different for the evening with Stereolab, Porno for Pyros, Sneaker Pimps and The Rentals carrying us through the evening. Pictures from the night are below.

Tomorrow night (the 5th), we’ll be having Marnie in which is going to be fun.











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Some model updates

We had Kieran in on Monday, and it was a little quite. I blame the wet and cold weather. The musical theme for the evening was Pink Flyod and Dire Straits.
Just to let you all know about the models we have coming up over the next couple of weeks:
August 22nd – Ron: Ron is a new model here at UWA for us.
August 29th – Sophie: We’ve had Sophie in a few times before and her poses are always great.
September 5th – Marnie: We’ve only had Marnie in once before, which is a shame really as her poses were fantastic.

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Fresh faced

We came back with a great turnout which involved a new face and the welcome return of one that hasn’t been in the country for months.

Our model for the evening was Paul, and the musical theme for the evening was from the local act Day of the Dead and the other was from my own home country, Arcade Fire (for which I got thanked for playing… that hasn’t happened before). Next week we’ll be having Lindsay in.







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We had Jane in, and Jane had a sword

No lie, Quite possibly the oddest, and coolest prop any model has brought to a session that I’ve attended in Perth (beaten only by a model back when I was in college a long time ago that brought a devil’s pitchfork and a headband with horns on it). It was a great night and as per Jane’s request the musical theme was quite literally random. So I do apologise for those of you who did not really appreciate the Ensiferum, Judas Priest, William Shatner and Mayumi Kojima. ThHough I’ll admit I enjoyed hearing some of my odder collection being played.





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I truly do hate when I forget to do a post for the week. We had Sophie in on the 11th and it was a great session. And we had a great turnout too even with the cold wet weather. Musical theme for the evening was Portishead.