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Monday night @ UWA and Sunday with a statue

Greetings all, at the Monday night UWA sessions coming up we have Travis in next week (the 17th), and the following week we’ll be having a double female session with Nicola and Molly (who will be 33 weeks at that point, so this will be the last time we have her in for a very long time I’m sure).

This coming Sunday (the 16th) at the Drawing School, they’ll be having in the living statue, Xanthea, who will be starting off nude and slowly dress in her statue attire during the session. This sounds awesome, and not to be missed. And just a reminder that if you head out to any of the Sunday sessions at the Drawing School till the end of September, you’ll get a stamp towards my sessions on Monday nights (for those who do not know, I have a frequent drawer card, when you come out to five sessions you get the sixth free, so this way you can double dip… actually triple dip as you can also get them if you head to the Mt Hawthorn sessions on Tuesday nights).

Happy drawing everybody!

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A model update, general info, and some drawing classes

Greetings all,
Terribly sorry about this late update!
Thank you everyone for coming out lately, the last couple of weeks have seen the numbers start to bounce back after quite a dip. I guess tea and coffee was all it took?
Our model for this coming Monday (the 3rd) will be Ron. The following week will be with a new model model, Shontay.

In news about other sessions:
Tracy’s Drawing School will be on again tomorrow (the 2nd), and from then through to the end of September, anyone who heads out will get a stamp for my group on their card (like what I did with Sebastian’s Mt Hawthorn group when it first started). Head on over to to find out more about her group. 
As the numbers have started to slide back down for Sebastian’s group, we’ve decided to reinstate the stamp system at his group through to the end of August, so get out there people!
The Curtin Tuesday night group will be back this week (the 4th) after a brief hiatus with what sounds to be a pretty cool clothed session. 

Drawing Classes!
Earlier this year I did a two week workshop at The Art Space Collective in Scarborough. Well I’m doing it again, and due to feedback it’s changed a bit.
First off, it will be over four weeks, and be on Saturdays from 2-5pm (as opposed to middle of the week during the day as it was before). The first two weeks will be without a model as it covers drawing techniques and the basics, while the following two weeks will have a model to apply those techniques on in an instructed environment.
Anyone interested can head over to to sign up. 

And that’s it!

Keep drawing, but please don’t hurt people while doing so!
– Christopher

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A new model update

Greetings all,
Terribly sorry about the delay in getting this through to you (the week was busier than I was expecting it to be).
For our session this coming Monday (the 13th), we’ll be having Ewen in for the first time. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a solo male model session and it’s long overdue.
The following week (the 20th), we’ll be having in Nathan and Sam, for a male/female session (again, I think it’s been awhile since we did one of those). As an added bonus, Nathan and Sam are a couple and are completely comfortable doing contact posing together, which is something that we haven’t had between the opposite sex since… since I think our first ever double session actually, with Kieran and Amy. Which was quite awhile ago. So that’ll be a treat.

Keep drawing till it hurts, people!
– Christopher


Both a model and info update

Greetings all,
Sorry about the late update!

This coming Monday (the 29th) we’ll be having in new-to-the-scene Claire.
The following Monday we’ll be having in one of our classics, Victoria!

For anyone interested, some of the info for different sessions has been updated:
– I’ve updated the info for the Tuesday night session at Atwell (that makes three groups running on a Tuesday night, crazy)
– Rai’s sessions on Thursdays, and
– Tracy’s drink & draw, Drawing School, sessions on Sundays.

Happy scribbling folks
– Christopher

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Model line-up for the next couple of weeks

Greetings all,

I hope everyone is having themselves a good weekend.

This coming Monday (the 25th), we’ll be having a double female model session with the living statue, Xanthea, and new to the scene Becca.

The following week, June 1st, WA Day, Jules will be running the session for me with Ashlea (from the Curtin Tuesday night group) being our model for the evening. This is the first public holiday we’re going to be running on, so here’s hoping we get a good turnout. If so we’ll keep doing it.

The week after that, June 8th, we’ll be having in new-for-us Cassie.

Big thanks again to Sebastian for running the Sesson for me last Monday on such short notice.

Happy drawing people!

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A couple of model updates

Greetings all,
My apologies for the delayed update, things went a bit topsy-turvey at the end of the week.

Tomorrow night (the 18th) we’ll be having a male/female model session with two new models, Jodie and Yves (well, for us, they have both modelled before, over in Melbourne and overseas). Sebastian will also be running the session for me as I’m afraid I cannot make it in.

The following week we’ll be having a double female session (models still to be confirmed, but it will most like be a new model with a returning one).

The week after that is June 1st, WA Day, and we’ll be having a session that night! Our first ever public holiday session. Jules will be running the session for me as I’ll be out of town, and the model for the night will be Ashlea.

I hope some of you took advantage of the stamp offer for Sebastian’s Tuesday night sessions, just remember that it will continue through till the end of June.

Happy drawing folks!
– Christopher

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A late model update and Tuesdays with Sebastian

Greetings all,
Sorry about the late update folks. Tomorrow night we’ll be having a female model session, with new face Aya.

And the Tuesday night sessions in Mt Hawthorn are finally starting up this week.
Location – Mount Hawthorn Lesser Hall, (downstairs) entry via Braithwaite Park, 197 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn, WA, 6016 Cnr of Scarborough beach road and The Boulevarde, Mount Hawthorn
When – Every Tuesday 6:30 – 9:30 pm starting on the 5th of May, no bookings needed – just roll up
Cost – $15 for three hours
Supplies – Any dry drawing media (charcoal, pen, pencils, etc.) and your own choice and size of paper.
Contact – Sebastian can be reached on 0422 955 910 or sebastiangf(AT)

Keep drawing people!
– Christopher

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A model update and yet another holiday?

Greetings all,
Just a quick note for the weekend that our session on Monday will now be a clothed model session (our first for the year) with Jane, as our pervious model had to unfortunately cancel. I’m not sure what outfit Jane will be wearing this time, but given her previous outfits (jungle girl, steam punk, burlesque and 1960s stewardess) I’m quite sure she won’t disappoint.

The following Monday (the 20th) will be a male/female session with Kieran and Leah.

And lastly, there will be no session on the 27th due to ANZAC day. Which from our perspective unfortunately makes April quite a short month.

Cheerio all!
– Christopher

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Drawn Life Exhibition 2015 Roundup

We had our annual exhibition (this year titles Drawn Life) in early March, and it looked fantastic (also, just figured out the new WordPress method of inserting pics, knew it wouldn’t take me too long)!