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Model updates and life on the Fringe

Greetings all,

First up, thank you to everyone who came out on Monday, it’s been a while since we were filled to maximum occupancy like that, which was great to see (especially with so many new faces).

Next week we have something different. Firstly, we will be having Marnie in, which is a first for… oh, two years now? And she also happens to be about 34 weeks pregnant. Which means that this will most likely be the last time we have her in. To compliment her, we’ll also be having Ron in. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ron, he is an older, and very skinny, individual, which should make for a great contrast to Marnie.

Fringe Festival Events!
One of our regulars, Chris, is doing an outdoor portrait session as part of the festival and will be doing so Feb 6th and 7th from 8pm onwards. He is set up by the the Perth Cultural Centre and will be drawing people using his tablet. The process of doing so will be displayed on the wall while he works, which is a really fun thing to see. Actually, here’s the blurb from the Fringe page:
The event can be described as live projected street portraiture — a very traditional practice combined with digital tablets and video projection. Highly regarded by judges at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2014, Cinema Portraits is a public engagement in which the audience becomes the spectacle. Become immortalised on the walls of Perth’s Cultural Centre as crowds look up to a building sized portrait of yourself as depicted by the Perth artist Chris Lawrence.

Secondly, a life model who we have never been able to get in (but I have tried numerous times, it always comes down to bad timing) is doing a solo cabaret show about what it’s like to be a model. It also concludes with a life drawing session, and sounds really interesting. It runs for two nights next week (the 11-12th). You can find out more and purchase tickets here.

Happy drawing everyone!
– Christopher
0448 511 207

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No session tonight and a model update

Greetings all (and I guess a Happy Aussie Day for those inclined)!

Just a late reminder that there is no session tonight on account of the holiday that is happening this very day.

We’ll be back next week (Feb 2nd), and it will be our first double session of the year with Tess and Lucy. We’ll also be going back up to the usual $15 for the session.

Also, just a general query, I’m considering picking up a music player for the room that anybody would be able to hook their music player (phone, iPod etc) to and add some variety to the room. Might try to see if I can find one with a CD player too for anybody thus inclined. Would anybody be interested in that, or should I just keep bringing in my own stuff? Let me know!


We’re coming back early!

Greetings all, and a Happy New Year!
Usually the UWA sessions come back at the end of January/beginning of February, but due to popular demand we’re going to be starting back on Jan 12th.
As a celebration of the new year and all, the sessions on January 12th and 19th will be $10, down from the usual $15. There won’t be a session on the 26th due to it being Australia Day. When we come back February 2nd it’ll go back up to the normal rate of $15.
On the 12th we’ll be having in Sarah 2 (the newer one we had towards the end of last year) and on the 19th we’ll be having in Trent.
For those of you needing your drawing fix sooner, the Floreat group starts up again this week (Wednesday 7th).


No more for the year!

I hope everyone read my post from a couple of weeks ago and realise that we have no more sessions for the year at UWA.
Sorry about the delay, I’ve been trying to log in all day but WordPress has been giving me issues.
We’ll see you all next year!

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New models

Good evening all, we had a great turnout this weeks thank you all for that.
For our session this coming Monday (the 17th) we’ll be having in two new models. First up is Sarah… though we just had a Sarah last week, so I shall refer to her as Sarah 2 to avoid confusion. And secondly we have Marisa.
The following we’ll be having our first ever double clothed model session with Jane and Beth!
– Christopher

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Big model update

Greetings all,
Sorry about the late update (yet again). Stupid illness and work caught me unawares.

Tomorrow night (the 27th) we’ll be having a new model for us (and newish to the scene as well), Marisa.
The following week (Nov 3rd) we’ll be having in Lindsay (who has not been in in quite awhile) and Joe.
On Nov 10th our models for the evening will be ChloƩ and Sarah.
The 17th I’m stall waiting on confirmation for (I’m trying to get in new/unused models before the end of the year, so hopefully they’ll be unfamiliar faces).
The 24th is going to be exciting, as we’ll be having our first double clothed session with Jane and Beth! Apparently they even met up yesterday to talk about costumes (and I put in a request for one of them to be Jane’s steampunk, as I was disappointed I had to miss it last time).

After that we’ll have two more sessions for the year, Dec 1st and 8th.

See you all tomorrow night.
– Christopher

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Some model updates and no session Sep 29th

Good evening all, sorry again about the late update (I do not know where the weekends keep going).

Tomorrow night (the 22nd), we’ll be having a solo session with Nicola. Well, I say a solo session, but the model who I booked in last week on short notice for a cancellation but no-showed us may turn up thinking that I had intended to book her in for this week. I don’t know as I haven’t been able to reach her. It’s like a a box-o-chocolate life drawing session, you never know who’ll turn up! (I jest, I always feel bad when a model doesn’t turn up so I do apologise for that.)

There will be no session on the 29th due to the public holiday (Labour day in a Liberal state? How can that stand?).

When we return on the 6th, Sebastian will be running the session for me (as I’ll be recovering from running the 24 Hour Comics Day event the weekend before). The models for that night will be Amy with Trent.

And the following week (the 13th), we’ll be having in Victoria who is back in Perth. The first hour will be nude drawing, and for the second hour Victoria will be wearing some of her Moulin Rouge finest. This should be something to see.

Happy drawing everyone!
– Christopher

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An incredibly late model update and an artistic challenge!

Whoops! Really sorry about the tardiness of this post, it’s been a hectic weekend.
Tomorrow night (the 15th), we’ll be having a double session with Lucy and Sarah.
And the artistic challenge: for the last few years I’ve been organising the Perth chapter of the annual 24 Hour Comics Day challenge. And I’m doing so again this year from October 4-5th here at UWA (had to relocate this year due to renovations at the Film & Television Institute where we normally have it. The rules are simple; participants have to complete a 24 page comic in 24 hours using the title supplied to them (this year’s theme is Storybook Edition). If you’re interested in knowing more visit everyone!

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New faces and old (as in not having in for a long time, not calling them old)

Good evening all,
This coming Monday (the 18th) we’ll be having two new faces in for our dual female session, with Ashlea and Robyn. The following week (the 25th) it’ll be a blast from the past with Sophie (who we haven’t had in since last year) and Lenny (who was last in about 2.5 years ago… I’m pretty sure that none of the regular people in the group now were around then, so yeah, awhile ago).
Have a good weekend everyone!
– Christopher

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Clothed again

Greetings all,
My apologies for the late update. We’ve been having some great sessions lately and I thank everyone for coming out.
This coming Monday we’ll be having a clothed session with Jane who will be wearing her jungle girl and steam punk finest for us. Quite jealous as Sebastian will be running the session for me that night as I won’t be able to make it in.
The following we’ll be having in Hamish (who we had earlier this year for a session Sebastian ran for me, so I am looking forward to getting to draw him), and new to the Perth scene from the USA, Shalyn.